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Sigmar Wills It! : Ludwig Schwarzhelm overview

BiesBies Junior MemberPosts: 1,803Registered Users
"You have come too soon, Beast of Chaos. This blade has drunk deep of your kin's blood before. It will do so again. You know it's power. Look on it, horror of the void, and know despair!"

—Ludwig Schwarzhelm, battling the Doombull Raghram

"Aye, together. I cannot do this alone; I need my sword-brothers with me. Swear with me, my friends. Swear that everything we do from this day forth will be in service of this vision of a united Empire of Man."

—Sigmar Heldenhammer, Emperor of the Empire of Man

"I shivered at the sight of her - her beauty far beyond that of mortal man. But her soul glowed with an inner darkness that chilled my very core."


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