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Expand Sima Ying's feature to all factions

Souls_WithinSouls_Within Registered Users Posts: 5
As you can see, Sima Ying gets his own playstyle as "Enables characters faction-wide effects in all ministerial positions".

Point is that: will it actually make the game more fun that CA officially adds this feature to all factions?

Because by doing so, it will allow a more wide range of playstyle to players.

For example, I could hire five Fire Generals and put them in my ministerial positions, and then my faction will get an incredible buff on Cavalry Charge, at the cost of I entirely have no advantage on economy and food.

Will this make sense if I may ask?


  • stringer1313stringer1313 Registered Users Posts: 44
    I agree with this because then you are actually thinking about the background (ie farmer, clerk, etc) of most of your generals instead of only when thinking about faction leader heir and PM. At a minimum expand the number of positions for which this matters. However if they do this for all factions they will have to make the game harder.
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