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Were factions changed to be more defensive?

Fiasco35Fiasco35 Posts: 156Registered Users
edited August 2019 in General Discussion
I recently finished a legendary Chaos campaign as Sigvald in 170 turns. I didn't bother with conquering the Northern Tribes, i just went straight into Kislev. I took some time reaching the Empire sacking and raiding along the way. When i got there they still hadn't expanded beyond Reikland and I didn't see any of their armies along the way. They only had 2 1/2 stacks of trash so didn't put up much of a fight against Chosen and Chariots with lightning strike. I only had to beat the Armies once, then destroyed Altdorf which ended their ability to recruit and finished them off. Then i went to Brettonia, they also only had their starting province and couldn't put up much of a fight either. Past turn 100 the Greenskins and Vampire Counts also hadn't expanded out of their original territories so they both accepted bribes to become my vassals and didn't have a problem killing the Dwarves for me as they were also weak. Next I sailed to Ulthuan. Around turn 160 Lothern is also sitting in their starting province and haven't expanded at all. I think Tyrion was level 5.... It only took a few turns to kill them and achieve the victory conditions. None of the Dark Elves had large Empires, none of the Skaven, or the Greenskins or any of the Vampires.The largest empire was a minor Norscan faction that managed to confederate all of Norsca and then never went anywhere.

I hadn't played a campaign since last year. I always play on legendary difficulty. The previous campaigns that i played some of the factions became ridiculously powerful late game. Many of them were powerful throughout any campaign. Usually the Dwarves and Greenskins would fight and the winner would become a superpower, Lothern would become a power, Naggarond, Wood Elves, sometimes the Vampire Counts. At least they would all expand and build up decent empires. This time nobody even left their starting province. Even Lothern and Naggarond which previously had become very dangerous couldn't beat their first weak neightbors.

I started a campaign as Norsca, about 70 turns in so far and I'm seeing the same thing. Nobody has expanded at all. Is this the new normal? Is everbody just extremely defensive now, or did their neightbors just get buffed enough that the previously strong factions can't expand?


  • DaGangsterDaGangster Junior Member Posts: 1,009Registered Users
    edited August 2019
    They took away the auto resolve bonus main factions used to have now everyone is more or less on equal footing. Some factions still have a advantage by having a LL, RoR, and/or a major (10 slot) city. I've still seen large empires though, just a lot more random now. I've generally found it to be a good change especially to make campaigns not playout pretty much the same every time.

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  • CrossilCrossil Posts: 5,461Registered Users
    edited August 2019
    The AI factions take a long while to get going. They're all on more or less even footing so a stalemate occurs across the board. If you're an aggressive player you could probably create quite a hefty empire before AI even gets out of its first or second province.
  • FungusHoundFungusHound Posts: 2,493Registered Users

    They took away the auto resolve bonus main factions used to have now everyone is more or less on equal footing. Some factions still have a advantage by having a LL, RoR, and/or a major (10 slot) city. I've still seen large empires though, just a lot more random now. I've generally found it to be a good change especially to make campaigns not playout pretty much the same every time.

    I have mixed feelings about the auto resolve changes. On one hand it makes it where minor factions might actually survive. On the other hand I find it far easier to steamroll.
  • MasariusMasarius Senior Member Posts: 769Registered Users
    Also the AI has to actually manage the PO now, which slows things additionally down a bit. On the good side of that is a more vivid map with rebels.
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  • DessadDessad Posts: 57Registered Users
    edited August 2019
    In the long objective Empire campaign that I just finished, I noticed that many of the minor factions were still alive well into the end game--which was interesting, because that rarely happened before the AI changes. Even Kislev was still around to defend against Archaeon.

    Bretonnia and the Dwarfs became huge super powers--in fact, the Dwarfs won the game for me in the end, by eradicating the Greenskins and taking the last few settlements I needed (via alliances) to win.

    Naggaroth, the Lizards and the High Elves all ended will fairly large empires. Wood Elves even made some headway into Bretonnian lands. The real surprise was the Border Princes taking a large portion of the Badlands west of the Dwarfs.

    Factions that were destroyed included:
    Greenskins, Mousillon, Barrow Legion, Von Carsteins/Vampire Counts, Blessed Dread, The Drowned, Clan Pestilence, Clan Skryre, Clan Eshin, and the rest of the minor Greenskin factions. I think Queek and Khalida were destroyed, as well, since Krog Gar appeared to have the entire area (still in FOW, so not sure). Khemri was still around.

    The game felt easier, but ultimately it was a better, more varied experience, which, in theory, adds more replayability. It actually felt more like a cohesive "world", as well, since you can actually lean on minor factions to help out now, if need be. They're not fundamentally useless as allies any more. As a result, politics become more interesting and varied, as well.
  • adrianov420adrianov420 Posts: 1Registered Users
    The nerfs to ai with public order, ar and maybe some evonomy made legendary usless, the game is extremely easy now, ai can barely field two full stacks usually they have like half ass usless armies especially after they confed and they cant aford the armies so they disband from all armies ending up with stacks of 10max units, combine tht with de arcs making de field zero stacks evan on legendary, its pretty safe to say CA broke the legendary campaign with last update, ty ca now focus more on 3k
  • TennisgolfbollTennisgolfboll Posts: 7,985Registered Users
    Game is to easy now.
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  • Fiasco35Fiasco35 Posts: 156Registered Users

    Game is to easy now.

    This is definitely the feeling that I am having after playing a bit more. The largest AI factions that I am encountering late game only have a few stacks and usually are still carrying trash units. It seems like only the beginning of the campaign is challenging now. When you get strong there isn't anybody that can keep up with you.
  • InquisitornInquisitorn Posts: 98Registered Users
    Playing as Arkhan I'm having huge battles against the Dwarfs and with >1200 h I even had to resort to save scumming to avoid some crucial losses. I don't think it's too easy, but I think that part of it is due to the slow start where just getting the first region/province took many turns due to TK extremely poor tier 1 troops. My point is that medium to late game difficulty depends a lot on how fast you're able to start expanding.
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