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Mortal Empire Campaign Crashes

TomjoadTomjoad Posts: 1Registered Users
I recently obtained Warhammer 1 and am playing the Mortal Empire Campaign map, that has, around, 150+ factions on the map at the start. Whenever, I play the campaign in question (be it Warhammer 1 or 2 faction) it keeps crashing at random points. Most of the time it gives a warning. It starts to slow down a bit and then crashes. I have no mods installed. I have already tried verifying all files with the properties thing on steam. I have all of them. And it is also not a question about the tech I have in my desktop. My desktop is hardly using a tenth of the computing power it has. It also isn't due to the lack of power coming into it. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!!


  • MarkerMarker Posts: 1,099Registered Users
    edited August 2019
    Get Driverbooster or Nividia Driver updater or something similar.

    Fixed crashes/freezes for me by updating all the drivers plus I deleted all garage files from my computer with system care.

    What windows are u on btw?
  • ThomasLidstromThomasLidstrom Posts: 26Registered Users
    edited August 2019
    What is the warning you get before the game crashes?

    Could you please give us your computers specs?

    At what turn does it crash?
    There is a known issue with Chaos arrival, the game can crash when trying to play that video. This is around round 100.
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