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Next update might be a surprise overhaul

rafantomasrafantomas Posts: 199Registered Users
Lack of news might mean an important overhaul as an update.

This is what an awesome update would be

Maybe we might get some cool features like:

1) Randomize races starting positions in a “Quick campaign” mode. (All races playeable in vortex and Me)

2) Lots of patch fixes

3) Crossover Lord packs

4) New LL for old world races playeble in Vortex (Like Gromm starting near Lothern without settlement and the getting one)

5) Turn times optimized

6) FPS enhancement

7) New Lords off course

8) Kislev (2 LLords only) announced as WH3 pre order DLC

9) More maps

What do you think would be an. awesome update.


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