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I don't think the new lord packs will be for current races out.

RomoRRomoR Posts: 21Registered Users
Why, well mostly it will limit the choice down to the four main races of WH2 since unfortunately, I don't see CA going down the DLC for DLC rout and the problem with this is it will unbalance these races in multiplayer if they add new units with new roles to complement the roster or just bloat the races with similar units.

I think it's going to be two dogs of war packs with the most iconic characters of dogs of war:

Borgio the Besieger , Lucrezzia Belladonna, Marco Colombo and Lorenzo Lupo.
So not a southern realms race pack but a two lord packs from dogs of war that will spice up southern realms.
A long shot would be using these lord packs to bring unlikely races into Warhammer like a Lorenzo ou Marco Colombo against an Amazon or Albion pack, but admittedly that's my pipe dream...

I will buy any DLC that comes out regardless like someone said before "I would buy a collection of hats for Karl Franz to get more Warhammer content" :)
Well, what do you people think? a standard Lord pack from the big 4, cross DLC or game lords or something new?


  • MaedrethnirMaedrethnir Senior Member Posts: 5,866Registered Users
    I think, hope and demand for it to be Game2 only! Big four are the way to go.
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  • GoatforceGoatforce Posts: 3,400Registered Users
    That would be 2 Race Packs, not 2 LPs. LPs are quite clearly defined as adding LLs and units to pre-existing factions. I could see CA making a larger, more expensive, LP thich adds stuff for more than 2 factions (though I think it would be unlikely), but adding new races is just a completely separate thing.

    Sorry, don't think this has any chance of happening.
  • DaGangsterDaGangster Junior Member Posts: 1,009Registered Users
    edited August 2019
    I'll pretty much get any dlc, just to support further updates and improvements from CA, even if it improves factions I don't play I enjoy every bit of content we get. I think its gonna be for each of the main W2 races unfortunately, but I do think one of the flc lords that come with could be for a W1 faction. It would be the only way I see us getting more content for old world races (which are most of my favorite factions :( ).

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  • rafantomasrafantomas Posts: 649Registered Users
    edited August 2019
    Actually can’t just CA come up and say “hey, yes we might see crossover dlc in the future”. They don’t deny it also. Strange. I think crossover DLC is inminent.

    Medusas for Dark Elves and Guant bald rat for Skavens inminent too.
  • Arthas_MenethilArthas_Menethil Senior Member Posts: 5,633Registered Users
    edited August 2019
    Lord packs do not cover a race they haven't added or the Vampire Coast would've been a Lord pack since Luthor Harkons faction was in since day one.

    Dogs of War would come under a Race and a Campaign pack unless that is you think the Dogs of War should be Empire with around 4 units unique to the race as the current Southern Realms and Kislev are placeholders.
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  • davedave1124davedave1124 Senior Member Posts: 5,082Registered Users
    Any pack that introduces a new faction is less a LL pack and more of a race pack (Norsca).

    I'm pretty sure we will see either a doubling up of the core races or cross DLC.
  • Bonutz619Bonutz619 Posts: 1,214Registered Users
    Anything's possible, OP. CA has been incredibly hush hush about this upcoming DLC. All is fair game.
  • RikRiorikRikRiorik Posts: 7,325Registered Users
    I really hope they do both crossover and DLC for DLC. Apart from Thanquol I don’t really fancy anymore LLs for TWW2 core races.

    It would be nice to have some new content for TWW1 races for sure and not just the quality lifts they’ve been getting. With four of my top 6 favourite races coming from TWW1 it’d be very welcome to see something new for them.

    More on topic I don’t know how you would bring out Lord Packs in their current format without them being for existing races.
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  • RomoRRomoR Posts: 21Registered Users
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  • RomoRRomoR Posts: 21Registered Users
    Yes, they would have to broaden the term lord pack. Anyway, I think any Lord pack that's coming is going to be different from the rest we had in WH2.
    If its a Big four lord pack will it still come with new ROR's? I think not or it would unbalance the races in multiplayer since you not going to just add another 6 RoR's to these races so that's already one difference.

    I just think splitting up DOW into two smaller "lord" packs would make it possible to include the mercenaries since I don't think it's viable to implement them has a race with all the Regiments of renown associated with Dogs of war. People tend to make rage posts and demand any unit they deem essential to a race imagine the nearly 30 ROR of DOW.

    Financially I don't think it's viable For CA has a race pack but splitting it into two Lord packs it limits the scope to the mercenary lords and it will add the means for modders to add the missing ROR's of DOW with the new mechanics that would be introduced, I know it's not ideal but I believe it's our best shot in getting dogs of war.

    It just seems to me that the four main races are already well fleshed out with decent roster, Skaven have units for days but do we really need them? Sure give us the missing Lords in FLC's but whole Lord packs is a bit overkill and a wasted opportunity to flesh out the rest of IP with something new, hell I'd even prefer Nagash and Neferata to more units for the big four.
  • ArsenicArsenic Posts: 4,785Registered Users
    I suppose there is precedent for a crossover pack now in a small way, with the Amethyst Wizard, a unit for a TWW1 race that's only playable in Mortal Empires, which requires Game 2. Plus Arkhan and Alarielle allowing you to use Game 1 units in Game 2 with their mixed rosters.

    But not only have they given no indication it's happening any time soon, there are Game 2 race LL's remaining that they could implement, and I see no reason why they wouldn't do so.

    Eltharion vs Grom does seem a natural pairing, but so did Khalida vs Neferata, and we didn't get that.
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  • RomoRRomoR Posts: 21Registered Users
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  • Arthas_MenethilArthas_Menethil Senior Member Posts: 5,633Registered Users

    "Race Packs introduce a new playable Race to the game"
    "A supercharged version of a Race Pack, Campaign Packs"
    "Themed on a specific rivalry or conflict from the Warhammer Lore, Lord Packs contain brand new Legendary Lords and supporting units and characters for existing playable races."

    If the Dogs of War are to be Lord packs then they would end up keeping the place holder Empire units and be of the Empire race.
    Lord packs give too few units for a race to even be unlocked and it is a waste to use 2 Lord packs on the same race twice against itself.
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