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SolvedGan ning wont spawn

HavieHavie Registered Users Posts: 1,330
edited August 2019 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
So i remember seeing in last patch you "fixed an issue with gan ning not spawning"

well now he doesnt spawn at all.

I had a script working before with the lua event manager

cdir_events_manager:spawn_character_subtype_template_in_faction("3k_main_faction_huang_zu", "3k_general_fire", "3k_main_template_historical_gan_ning_hero_fire");

however this no longer works. ( aware it has to be past a certain turn because of birth year)

SCRIPT ERROR, timestamp <99.2s>
cdir_events_manager:spawn_character_subtype_template_in_faction(): Character did not spawn!. template: 3k_main_template_historical_gan_ning_hero_fire faction: 3k_main_faction_huang_zu

I've tried everything, from changing his birth year, his initial ceos, his skill sets, even parts of his name, the character simply will not spawn (others can)

Not sure what CA did to fix an issue with him not spawning, but now he doesnt spawn at all.

Also tried just spawning him through the db payloads, when i do this, it spawns a random character, not gan ning. This also works for any other character.
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