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Get the 3900x or wait for 3950x?

TheWittyWatermelomTheWittyWatermelom MemberRegistered Users Posts: 132

I am thinking about building a new PC. I'll be getting a 2080ti and I have a 1440p 34 inch wide screen monitor. The PC is for gaming at max/extreme quality/settings. That's the main purpose really. I'd like to be averaging above 80fps in Three Kingdoms.

Should I get the 3900x or wait for the 3950x?



  • psychoakpsychoak Registered Users Posts: 2,897
    The 9900K would be slightly faster, ever so slightly. Intel's processors overclocked, are the only things with any breathing room in DX11, they'll all be CPU bound with the next iteration at anything below 4k.

    Search for total war, there is a 1440p ultra benchmark in there, with a 2080 Ti, broken down by CPU. Those 1080p numbers are CPU bound, the 1440p shows the 3900x still slightly CPU bound

    The 3950X is supposedly faster per core, so you'd see a bump, but I'd want to verify that before purchasing it. 16 cores with a 4.3Ghz boost, versus 12 with a 4.6Ghz boost, and the same cache size. The math is pretty funny on that ending up faster per core.

    I'm pretty sure you meant ultra wide though. In which case your numbers are going to be substantially lower, and the above comments on a processor being slightly faster are irrelevant. You'll be between 4k and 1440p performance, well inside the CPU bounds.

    I'd guess 60+ fps in Kingdoms, with the 2080 Ti being the limiting factor. When you get a really big battle going, it's probably still going to dive though, DX11 ftw.
  • TheWittyWatermelomTheWittyWatermelom Member Registered Users Posts: 132
    Thanks heaps. Appreciate you taking the time to reply. Guess I have more research/thinking to do.
  • TheWittyWatermelomTheWittyWatermelom Member Registered Users Posts: 132
    edited August 2019
    Leaning towards a 9900k. Just want to make sure I hit 100 fps on 3440x1440 monitor extreme settings. The game looks so demanding though.
  • psychoakpsychoak Registered Users Posts: 2,897
    That's just not possible.

    You're going to be CPU bound well below 100 fps. It might manage to hit such a high level at points, but most of your single stack combat is probably going to be in the 60's, maybe 70's. Double stack battles are going to tank.
  • TheWittyWatermelomTheWittyWatermelom Member Registered Users Posts: 132
    Oh well. That should be fine. Anything above 60 is acceptable. Guess we'll have to wait for future CPUs and GPUs to hit 100fps.
  • psychoakpsychoak Registered Users Posts: 2,897
    Supreme Commander does run smooth these days, so there's always hope. :)
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