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New Mechanic Suggestion: Nomadic Factions Garrison Ruins

SeanJeanquoiSeanJeanquoi Posts: 1,407Registered Users
Many people have been debating, whether or not Nomadic factions like the Beastmen should be able to capture settlements like everybody else. I myself am personally against it and would prefer that we implement new kinds of settlements (Herdstones and hidden settlements for Wood Elves, Beastmen etc) that don't interfere with the traditional expansion of other factions. However, there is another mechanic that I would kind of like to see alongside these new kinds of settlements.

I think that nomadic factions should be able to garrison their armies inside the ruins of settlements without colonising it.

What this would do:

- Enclave armies garrisoned inside ruins become invisible to other factions, allowing them to use ruins as hiding spots.

- they gain large buffs to growth and replenishment as they scavenge through the ruins, take what crops were left; maybe find people in the ruins etc.

This could also translate to special dilemmas that occur when you are huddled up inside a ruined city. Say you find a group of people who survived? you could take them on and gain a big buff to growth but run the risk of catching the plague or something.

- if they are discovered and attacked while within the ruins of a minor settlement they get buffs similar to if they were attacked while encamped. If they are attacked within the ruins of a major settlement, it plays out like a settlement battle but the settlement is in ruins, with broken walls and gates (like how it works with rebels that take a settlement).

Revamping Outposts

(I am proposing this system for all Nomadic factions like Beastmen, Wood Elves, Norsca maybe? so I'm not just talking about changing how the Wood Elf ones work).

people hate the Wood Elf outposts currently because they are their only option for expansion, but under this new system I'm proposing: perhaps when a Nomad takes refuge in some ruins you are able to build something similar to a Wood Elf outpost within those ruins (though it'd be hidden).

The Wood Elf Outpost buildings are designed to stack on top of one another because you are supposed to be making more and more of them, but the system I'm proposing would be different. Instead of a useless: +1% to trade or +50 gold, the Buildings you could construct would be focused around utility:

Building 1: Buffs to replenishment and growth for when you plan to lick your wounds for a few turns.

Building 2: Improved campaign line of sight so you can see threats coming and improved movement range for armies starting within these ruins.

you could build this one when you are ready to depart, or you could build it right away and use the ruins as a way to propel yourself out of danger or towards where you want to go.

Building 3: Gives you a larger garrison at the expense of any buffs so that you can use it as a little hidden base of operations to attack the surrounding areas.

you could build this one once you leave so that you get the buffs when you're in it and then protect it when you're gone.

Building 4: Significantly increases Raiding and Sacking income in adjacent provinces.

This way the small buffs make sense and you could destroy it when you leave or perhaps leave it for as long as it holds. With the Wood Elves you are forced to care about and protect their useless outposts but this way you don't, you can just throw them away.

Another thing I like about this is that you can swap out the buildings to get a chain of effects: you could go into it needing help and get the "replenishment one". then you swap it out for the "Increased Movement" one, using it as a springboard to get out of the area. then you could switch to the "Raiding one" to get extra cash or the "garrison one" so you could maybe come back.

In Conclusion

As I said: I don't want this to be Nomadic factions only option of expansion, I want it to be another way for them to get back on their feet and use empty settlements to their advantage, rather than occupying them like Skaven and thus loosing their Nomadic playstyle.

I'd also like it if they were able to construct something like the forts from Medieval 2 on the map in a location of their choosing. Instead of forts though they could be larger encampments or perhaps a trap for armies that come within a certain distance (if they are garrisoned in the trap they can ambush the enemy army, if there is no garrison then the enemy army suffers losses from pitfall traps and other Robin Hood) esc things).

Here's links to more in depth suggestions on how CA could update the Beastmen and Wood Elves.

Wood Elf Outposts

Beastmen Herdstones

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