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If you were a Warhammer demi-god (developer), what would you introduce ?

BierTempelierBierTempelier Registered Users Posts: 375

My wish list is modest :

* In game option for slower combats OR allow battle SFX to work when we reduce the combat pace (yes yessss)
* Option for armies without lord (or any unit as 'lord')
* Ability to make combined armies i.e. containing units of different races
* Naval battles (ok this is not so modest, but maybe adopting mechanics from other Total War games ?)
* Integrate the 'AI general' MOD options => allows to appoint some units in battle to AI control and you focusing on other units

Add your own suggestions as you see fit and/or support/comment on mine, as you see fit...


  • Deep_echo_sound#4293Deep_echo_sound#4293 Registered Users Posts: 601
    1. All foot lords and characters have ideal 100% fly and knockdown immunity and unobstructed attack range vs attacking large enemy.
    2. "Mortal empires" map for game 3 with vortex campaign map + old world + dark lands in full scale with no cutting and no shrinking! I want these beautiful vortex new world and southlands continents in all glory.
    3. Araby preorder for game 3!
    4. Reworking anti-large infantry units as suggested before.
    5. Removing "army is full for all summons" in the game now, when we have hard timers, degradation, no unbreakable, number of uses adding tons of nerfs for campaign players.
    6. Reworking 1-handed axes, hammers, maces for more A.P. but less attack and defense weapons.
    7. Various campaign and units balance changers. Like suggested improving of mortuary cult for tomb kings or upgrading the stats of vampire counts units. A.P. arbalests for dwarfs, new tech with rework for greenskins. And many other related things.
  • Federykx99Federykx99 Registered Users Posts: 562

    3. Araby preorder for game 3!

    That's enough for me.

  • Sir_Godspeed#8395Sir_Godspeed#8395 Registered Users Posts: 3,685
  • HeresyHoundHeresyHound Registered Users Posts: 8,285

    I just think it would be funny.
  • tyrannus#8787tyrannus#8787 Registered Users Posts: 1,231
    edited August 2019
    1. More diplomacy options - territory trading, coalitions, etc.
    2. Would throw a lot of money at making good ai. Maybe even neural network ai.
    3. Dogs of War as a full faction with 4 legendary lords and awesome sandbox mechanics.
    4. Rework overall unit balance (make single entity monsters less strong, buff monstrous infantry that needs it.)
    5. Rework magic system. Add caster levels, dispelling.
    6. More flavour in campaign. Big mid-game events, like for example forest spirits led by drycha appearing in athel loren or chaos cults uprisings in empire. Neutral provinces with special items and enemies at them. (Karag Dum)
    7. Probably would remove vampire coast from the game for eternity.

    Also more rpg elements and deeper generic lord customization ( being able to give generic lords different weapon and armor types (two handed, lance, sword and pistol, etc)

    Believe in humanity!
  • Wyvax#7456Wyvax#7456 Registered Users Posts: 6,394
    Incorporate as many characters and units from the table top as possible.
    Expand the lore as allowed by GW, bringing updates to races such as Bretonnia and the Dogs of War, and introducing new army rosters as was done with Norsca and the Vampire Coast, things like Cathay, the Hobgoblin Khanate, the Gnoblar Hordes and Araby.
    Focus on improving the game engine for the benefit of both potatoes and Skynet computer systems. (TURN TIMES!)
    A full Warhammer Fantasy world map.
    Improved AI.
    Sieges a lá Medieval 2.
    Real naval warfare, (need to snag a shared licence for Man O'War and Dreadfleet).
    Up to 4 players for co-op and head to head campaigns.
    Add Laboratory options and TT unit caps as toggled presets before any campaign.
    Serpent-nagas of Khuresh.
  • Maedrethnir#1968Maedrethnir#1968 Registered Users Posts: 18,671
    Dragon-Elf hybrid Qunari like race using whale oil technology Dishonored style. A lot of nailguns and melee hollow weapons filled with fragmentation, you know, old good shrapnel on a stick.
  • Cody_811Cody_811 Registered Users Posts: 108
    Waaaaghs would increase recruiting capacities and reduce upkeep and recruiting costs instead of spawning magic ai armies, or just act like blessed spawnings.

    I would add way more generic lord and hero varieties.

    I would allow heroes to reinforce/garrison cities to aid them in battle. This would allow for some cool wandering hero rpg-ing.

    Lastly I would add in all of the legendary lords I could fit in the game, even if some had to share starting locations.
  • Nopeacejustwar#3336Nopeacejustwar#3336 Registered Users Posts: 1,388
    edited August 2019
    1. Matched and sync animation for every LL vs Every other LL on foot, mount etc
    2. 4 start positions for every faction and every faction at least 4 LL
    3. Araby and Kislev
    4. Better optimisation in battle, campaign and end turn times.
    5. The old world map bolted onto the vortex map
    6. Nagash and neferata
    7. Better siege maps
  • makar55makar55 Registered Users Posts: 2,955
    1. 4K textures for every unit

    (at least textures like on this picture)

    2. Reworked/Redone/Remade from scratch sieges
    3. Nicely done AR
    4. Increased maps variety
    5. Much diverse faces in unit
    6. Lots of small quality of life improvements which I am not going to list
    7. Boss battles (Like WE quest with endless horde).
  • SeanJeanquoi#3490SeanJeanquoi#3490 Registered Users Posts: 3,439
    edited August 2019
    If we are talking about what we want to see done between now and the end of game 3 without including DLC?

    General Improvements

    -Toggle slower battle options by making units stronger across the board so we can settle in and enjoy the carnage more (most of the time its like controlling ants with how fast these battles go)

    - Allow us to Dismount lords and Cav in battles.

    - Allow us to land flying units and make them take off with the push of a button

    - Larger Unit Portraits

    - Add weather effects and Season changes to the campaign map and the battles (dont have to have any real impact, would just be nice)

    - Create new points of interest on the map as we see in other strategy games like Ruins, Temples, Tunnels that allow for shortcuts to different parts of the map (like the river of echoes that connects Nuln to Tilea) and so on.

    on that same note: Add more Unique buildings like the oak of ages that offer buffs to the faction that controls them (temple of X god, Shrine of X Guild and so on). some of these exist within settlements but having them outside them could be interesting as well (making them points you have to defend on their own)

    - A little more variety in the models within units (a few more different looking models and they could add in Captains, standard bearers as we see in 3K or shogun, musicians perhaps)

    - Conquered settlements change to be like your faction (not just as we saw it in game 1 but more stuff like when the Orcs take over Karaks where you actually see that its been converted to that faction instead of just deleted and replaced)

    - Unique faction capitals that evolve more as they level up

    - Give us Trade Routes like in Shogun 2. If we aren't going to see naval battles at all (which I'm totally fine with) being able to disrupt and raid trade routes would give the Black Arks more to do and allow for more stuff to be done on the sea in general (Rogue pirate armies should be prohibited from this though because they would do literally nothing else)

    Options to Tailor our Campaigns

    - Allow us to toggle on and off the vortex race in the vortex campaign

    - Let us pick between Vortex on its own. Old world on its own. and Mortal Empires. (then the game 3 map on its own in game 3 obviously) this is so we don't have to play ME any time we want old world races.

    - Let us tweak whether or not we have New world factions in the old world and vice versa (this would allow lore purists to delete stuff that doesn't sit well with them and allow players to add playable factions like Skaven into the old world and factions like the Dwarfs into the new world)

    - Let us tweak confederation options before we enter the campaign (used to be a bigger problem than it has been recently thanks to us slowly getting more lords on the map)

    - Let us randomise faction starting locations

    - Let us toggle on and off the climate system


    - Allow us to forge multi faction alliances

    - Region Trading

    - Allow us to create vassals

    - allow us to become a vassal ourselves without ending our campaign (with the option to rebel again later if we so choose)

    - Allow us to negotiate that two other factions make peace or sign a non aggression pact
  • SeanJeanquoi#3490SeanJeanquoi#3490 Registered Users Posts: 3,439
    I think that, if its doable, ME should be made full size.

    Everyone always brings up the issue that this might alienate many people with lower end rigs or who just cant stand the Turn times. My solution would be to allow players to choose between:

    - Game 1 campaign (Old World)

    - Game 2 Campaign (Vortex new world)

    - Game 3 campaign

    - Mortal Empires.

    on top of that: CA could keep the current map instead of replacing it and allow players to go back to it if they so choose.

    this would fix the issue of alienation and allow CA to continue working on a larger map while players who dont want that can go back to the smaller map or choose a specific campaign from games 1, 2 or 3.

  • PoorManatee6197#6481PoorManatee6197#6481 Registered Users Posts: 2,827
    A map were all the factions of the same race start confederated, i think a campaign like this would be interesting.
    #MakeDwarfsGreatAgain Josef Bugman, Thorek Ironbrow, Alrik Ranulfsson, Grimm Burloksson, Kazador Thunderhorn, Byrrnoth Grundadrakk, Malakai Makaisson, Gotrek Gurnisson, Garagrim, Dragon slayer, Deamon slayer, Doomseekers, Brotherhood of Grimnir, Giant slayers, Thunderbarge, Shieldbearer mount, Master brewer, Goblin Hewer, Norse dwarf war mammoth, Tractator engine, Rune golem, Shard dragon, proper Anvil of Doom, Ulther's dragon company, Lond Drong's slayer pirates, Everguard, Karak Varn, Karag Agrilwutraz, Karaz Bryn, Karag Dum, Karak Vlag, Kraka Dorden, Kraka Ornsmotek, Kraka Ravnsvake, Karak Vrag, Karak Azorn, Karak Krakaten.

    All those missing things are grudges in the great book, is in your hand to settle them, CA. Khazukan kazakit-ha!

  • angry_rat_lover#9467angry_rat_lover#9467 Registered Users Posts: 1,463
    Fix the sieges and make them more ''epic'' just like sieges in warhammer lore are, then reduce the turn times and then add banners for all factions

    I fixed the game
  • MonochromaticSpider#5650MonochromaticSpider#5650 Registered Users Posts: 2,420
    If I was a Warhammer developer, I probably wouldn't be introducing anything except that which my boss is telling me to introduce, because generally that is how you get to keep your job as a developer.

    However, if I were to offer suggestions...

    1) UI tweaks and improvements. The odds bar before battles is hard to interpret, the spell descriptions do not really convey what a spell is going to do, and it is very unclear which bonuses will stack and which will not. Diplomacy interface is a bit wonky also, and why is there not a mute button?

    2) Terrain and climate effects on units. This is a bit more ambitious but it should not be too hard to add and it would really make the game feel a lot deeper if you also had to factor in where your army is going to fight when putting it together.

    3) Some very large non-artillery units really should be able to attack walls. Should exhaust them to bring a wall section down, though.

    4) Tweak the sacrifice mechanic for T3. Hiding ROR behind it is bad, having a lootbox-level pool of meh returns for some of the random chance options is not good, and the number of sacrifices needs to be higher.

    5) Work on unit card display with large armies. Currently it is nearly impossible to keep track of units and you can't see enough of the unit card to tell units apart.

    6) Add some toggle for ladders so units don't use them without being ordered to after you open the gate or create holes in the wall.

    7) Artillery siege bug.

    8) Greenskin wyvern inability to hit smaller flyers bug, if it is still in the game.

    9) More understandable AR outcomes.

    10) Better camera options and native ability to remember player camera settings.

    11) Easier confederation. Currently it is like pulling teeth in the vanilla game.

    12) Do away with great power penalty and supply lines penalty. The former just makes late game diplomacy semi-pointless and the latter is a very strong incentive to use less armies with more elite units.
  • Trebor_twTrebor_tw Registered Users Posts: 599
    4 player multilayer, coop vs opposing Ai factions or 2v2.

    Simultaneous player turns for pretty much everything except moving agents and armies

    Add joint armies - your and ally army move together.

    Add all races playable to vortex

    Make game 1 map campaign in game 2 (but find ways to stick all factions somewhere)
  • Deep_echo_sound#4293Deep_echo_sound#4293 Registered Users Posts: 601
    makar55 said:

    1. 4K textures for every unit

    (at least textures like on this picture)

    It is not textures only, it is whole models are high poly!
    Adding this as experimental option for all models in game will be just excellent!! Because C.A. have high poly variants from artists.
    Well, we can expect on top-level 11-12 GB cards to drop fps from 80-90 to 15-20 just because of graphics performance. But this would be still a fantastic graphics option. And it will make that future-proof setting shine with new 20+ teraflops, and 16+ GB graphics cards in 2 and more years.
    This will be great!!

    Look at this masterpiece Morathi!!!

    More here.

  • Infinite_MawInfinite_Maw Registered Users Posts: 1,531
    edited August 2019
    The thing is can a demi-god developer taken on a god that is games workshop licensing.

    It is one thing to say that you will code in Araby, but will GW allow it?
  • MonochromaticSpider#5650MonochromaticSpider#5650 Registered Users Posts: 2,420

    The thing is can a demi-god developer taken on a god that is games workshop licensing.

    It is one thing to say that you will code in Araby, but will GW allow it?

    I doubt GW mind. The franchise is dead, after all, and worst thing that could happen is that people take a liking to Aladinville and ask them to make AoS stuff for them.

    I reckon the bigger issue is whether your overgod, the boss, is going to be really happy about how you're expending a fixed budget.
  • rafantomas#3479rafantomas#3479 Registered Users Posts: 649

    The thing is can a demi-god developer taken on a god that is games workshop licensing.

    It is one thing to say that you will code in Araby, but will GW allow it?

    I doubt GW mind. The franchise is dead, after all, and worst thing that could happen is that people take a liking to Aladinville and ask them to make AoS stuff for them.

    I reckon the bigger issue is whether your overgod, the boss, is going to be really happy about how you're expending a fixed budget.
    What is Aladinville?
  • rafantomas#3479rafantomas#3479 Registered Users Posts: 649

    My favorite Lord
  • Deep_echo_sound#4293Deep_echo_sound#4293 Registered Users Posts: 601
    And in-game skaven models are really poor, sadly. You can see it even at last DLC trailer.
    This and other models has like 10x-20x more details compared to actual in-game models.

  • Steph#6413Steph#6413 Registered Users Posts: 3,746
    A full map of the world, with more smaller regions
  • BierTempelierBierTempelier Registered Users Posts: 375

    Maybe a playable multiplayer 'epic mode' (multiplayer as in more than 2)
  • BierTempelierBierTempelier Registered Users Posts: 375

    Ooh - I forgot one. Better post-combat debriefing report. For example where you can toggle and see survivors per unit instead of kills per unit... Would help TREMENDOUSLY in our table top campaigns (we use TW Warhammer for the battles)
  • FenristhegreatFenristhegreat Registered Users Posts: 475
    Full rosters.

    Proper Karak sieges.
  • Torak#3837Torak#3837 Registered Users Posts: 820
    Nagash at full end times power. Being playable. Skaven bieng able to blow up the chaos moon. Cathay added
    Team skaven
  • another505another505 Registered Users Posts: 3,182
  • Steph#6413Steph#6413 Registered Users Posts: 3,746
    A full map of the world, with more smaller regions
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