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Lore question: Dragon ogres

yolordmcswagyolordmcswag Posts: 1,192Registered Users
edited August 27 in General Discussion
Is there any lore-explanation for why dragon ogres look the way they do? As far as I know, dragon ogres are some of the oldest beings in the warhammer world, predating even the old ones. Normal ogres on the other hand were created by the old ones, and most "human-looking" races were aswell.

Another question: were the dragon ogres different before the coming of chaos? Did they look the same way? It is also said that the dragons and dragon ogres fought great wars before the old ones arrived, but what were these wars about?

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  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USAPosts: 18,741Registered Users, Moderators, Knights
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  • Xenos7Xenos7 Posts: 5,070Registered Users
    IIRC, they have nothing to do with actual ogres. They are just called that way because they superficially resemble them, but are a separate species. Like, you know, prairie dogs aren't dogs.
  • UagrimUagrim Posts: 693Registered Users
    Out of story cause someone designed them that way.

    In story they evolved like that.

    As for difference before chaos, not much they became more evil I would say but that is the nature of chaos.

    And the wars probably about food.
  • HoneyBunHoneyBun Senior Member Posts: 4,501Registered Users
    I am rubbish at this ... But if my memory serves me ...

    The DO were an original inhabitant species before the Old Ones found the world. There were others, including dragons.

    The DO and the dragons had a huge war. Which the DO were gradually losing. So they offered to align with Chaos in the hope of winning.

    Oh and like dragons they sleep a lot.

    They are making an FPS. Who knew a company could have a mid-life crisis ...

  • CaesarSahlertzCaesarSahlertz Posts: 1,919Registered Users
    Dragon Ogres look the way they do because of "that is just the way it is" (which is 99% of fantasy reasoning). It is perfectly reasonable to expect that the Old Ones saw how the shape of the Dragon Ogres was resistant to Chaos corruption, and manipulated their form so that it would fit their needs.
  • davedave1124davedave1124 Senior Member Posts: 4,320Registered Users
    The name probably derived from human descriptions. A man eating monster/giant the size of a dragon. I know in the Chaos trailer it mentions that man cannot understand them.. so they describe them with 2 familiar words.
  • Wargol5Wargol5 Posts: 1,272Registered Users
    I like to think that they were fully lizards instead of only half-lizard before they made a pact with the forces of Chaos.
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