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CTD if wood elves get their turn or selected on campaign map

ArteriusArterius Posts: 3Registered Users
Build: v1.6.1

Detailed description: Game crashes to desktop once wood elves get their turn or if you select their army in the campaign map. As for the crash itself, the game freezes up for a few seconds before it crashes to desktop. No windows notifications about the program freezing/stopped working.

Reproduction Steps:
Version 1: Press end turn and wait for wood elves to get their turn.
Version 2: Click orion

Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:
Tried removing outdated mods
Tried checking for conflicting mods
Tried playing without any mods at all
Tried playing with a mod to make wood elves not expand or take settlements
Tried capturing their last main settlement on the last turn so that it wasn't related to them possibly trying to spawn something on my armies.


It's a real shame that this happend since I finally got to a point of trying to take over after the AI mod apparently made them really strong and playing a long defensive game.


  • Alixdrive@hotmail.com[email protected] Posts: 1Registered Users
    Having the exact same problem with my skaven campaign. If i touch a wood-elf settlement, Click Orion or end turn it immediately crashes to desktop on their turn. I've even done the trick of skipping their camera movements on their go which worked once before but nothing seems to be getting past this one. i have had this bug happen in a few campaigns. And it seems to be rare, it it truly Game breaking when it does occur. (Especially when this particular campaign play-through has been so Exciting)

    There is an old thread where CA addressed that they would address the issue but it still seems to be occurring.


    I just hope it gets fixed as i'm almost afraid of wasting my time on long campaigns if this is a potential occurrence.
  • ArteriusArterius Posts: 3Registered Users
    Yeah The same thing happened to me again I think. I gave up on that skaven campaign (shame) and was doing a Wulfrik one instead (with a trimmed down mod-list). Things were going great and I was raiding the old world when I run into a wood elf CTD on turn 115.

    At this point I hope they've fixed it when the hunter & the beast launches.
  • MagnusN87MagnusN87 Posts: 1Registered Users
    I can sadly confirm that the issue persists post hunter and the beast. Had to abort my empire campaign at turn 98 due to wood elf CTD. Real shame as the chaos invasion had just started and i was looking forward to the showdown with Archaon.

    If CA can't fix the problem, maybe the wood elf faction could be modded out?
  • neodeinosneodeinos Posts: 2,145Registered Users
    Same problem with the wood elves here. I can't attack their settlements without having a crash and sometimes even by clicking their armies or settlements. I haven't found the cause yet, I'll see if I can.
  • bnbchdbnbchd Posts: 1Registered Users
    same problem here too. I did empire campaign 144 turn and stuck in it
    whenever clicking wood elves army or wood elves get theirs turn, game crashed
  • alij8000alij8000 Posts: 9Registered Users
    edited October 2
    scratch that ---
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  • alij8000alij8000 Posts: 9Registered Users
    so i figured that my modification wasn't enough and the removed factions would not lose their leaders and as a result would occupy their abondened lands,so i need to find out which lands those exactly are and award them to other factions instead,but it will take some time,don't start your campaigns just yet.
  • alij8000alij8000 Posts: 9Registered Users
    oh my other post apperantly didn't get approved yet,so im in the process of making a mod that removes all wood elves except the player if your playing as the wood elves to fix this crash for the time being,doubt CA is gonna do anything about it,too busy counting their $.
  • alij8000alij8000 Posts: 9Registered Users
    Allright all done,worked it all out,ur gonna need 2 things,download these two,put ''.pack'' into your warhammer 2 data folder alongside the other mods and enable it via kaedrin's mod manager,it makes sure laurelon forest and all the other minor wood elves factions don't spawn,
    HOWEVER,u will need to manualy delete the two major wood elf factions from the campaign by fighting them and razing their settlments to the ground ON TURN ONE,
    if you don't mind doing the same for the minor factions then you don't need the ''.pack'' mod,just use the cheatengine trainer to get unlimited action points and God-mode autoresolve ( only for turn 1 unless u wanna cheat :D ) in order to find and raze the wood elves before they have a chance to cause any bugs ( as the CTD they cause does not occur on turn 1,period ).
    for this u only need to know where they are and the cheatengine trianer provided,
    their location is around the oak of the ages ( u can search the wiki for its location ) and just a single town north of the empire landmarks called ''laurelorn forest'' shouldn't be hard to find given that you have unlimited action points.if u raise a settlment an ur action points become 0,don't wory,just hire a new lord ( u might need to occupy instead of raze to be able to recruit a lord in the new province ) and continue purging these mofoz.
    good luck and happy hunting :D !


    oh,if u don't know what cheatengine is,its what you need to run the cheat script,just google it.
  • alij8000alij8000 Posts: 9Registered Users
    Okay so here's an update,IF YOU EVER USE SEBDIE'S OFFICERS MOD,regardless of wether or not you disabled the mod after using it,IT IS 100% the cause of your crash with wood elves,
    there is a wood elf entry for the glade rider's unit that is causing your crash,you can confirm this by playing as the wood elves (just start a new campaign) and checking the building tree and hovering your mouse over the Final tier glade rider units,(final tier cav units)
    it will instantly crash your game.
    i have made a fix for this,using this fix u can continue playing your campaigns from before with no problems whatsoever.clicking wood elf armies etc should not cause you a crash as it doesn't for me anymore.this was never CA's problem to begin with,so my apologize to CA for being rude.
    as for people saying this CTD occurs without mods,it does not if your game is not tagged as ''modded'',even with mods disabled in mod manager,if you've modded your game before,it stays modded unless you reinstall it.as far as im aware.

    here is the link to the file you need,put this in your warhammer 2 data folder,overwrite if prompted,if not,just put it there and enable it regardless,check to see if the error is gone,i hope it helps.

  • alij8000alij8000 Posts: 9Registered Users
    alternatively,if the solution above doesn't work for you,you can just use the cheatengine trainer i provided to obliterate wood elves before they have a any armies whatsoever to prevent the crash.
  • ehrde000ehrde000 Posts: 1Registered Users
    Wow, that fixed it for me. Thank you!
  • alij8000alij8000 Posts: 9Registered Users
    glad i could be of service :D !
  • ArteriusArterius Posts: 3Registered Users
    Nice find! I did actually use that mod during the wulfrik campaign so that' was probably the cause. Haven't had any issues post patch since I started it with no mods and only added about 3 back after a while. Going to delete that mod to play it safer then.

    Thanks for the detective work :)
  • alij8000alij8000 Posts: 9Registered Users
    happy to help :D,im more or less certain that most mods don't cause any issues like this,so you should be safe to play with most other mods,i personally use 120 mods or so not sure but i've had 0 issues with everything except this one,i even use outdated mods and its generally not an issue.
  • Madhatter0500Madhatter0500 Posts: 1Registered Users
    sorry, but what does the "fix" change?
  • BluegillsBluegills Posts: 1Registered Users
    I never used or downloaded that mod but have the same issue.
  • TriggermattiTriggermatti Posts: 1Registered Users
    Hey Alij8000. A huge thank you for the fix. Had three consecutive campaigns crash due to wood elf bug. Had my greatest Skarsnik campaign start and this bug reappeared.
    It was indeed Seebide officer mod that made the problem. Your fix worked great. BIIIG thank you. Great work!
  • alij8000alij8000 Posts: 9Registered Users
    the fix just keeps the wood elves from being affected by sebidees officers mod,doesn't change anything else.

    @Triggermatti glad i could be of help my friend :blush:

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