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Incompatible Versions despite exact same mods.

Imperator_TezImperator_Tez Registered Users Posts: 7
edited September 2019 in Multiplayer Bugs
Build number:
10846.1659377 (modded)

My friend and I have been playing Warhammer II together basically since launch- and save for our very first campaign, we've always played modded. Normally, this has never been an issue- the occasional mishap with one of us forgetting to click on one mod, or the occasional "oh, we were using that mod too?". But recently, over the past month we've been unable to play together with mods at all. And it makes no sense in the slightest. We've been using the same "core" array of mods for like, at least since 'The Prophet & The Warlock', if not even longer than that and it's never been an issue, so why is it one now suddenly?

The issue is that we're not able to join each others games. We get the 'Incompatible versions' error. Despite knowing without a doubt that we have the exact same mods enabled. We are able to play in vanilla without any mods.

We've tried several solutions, like:
- Reinstalling the game
- Unsubscribing and resubscribing to all the mods in question
- Deleting and re-downloading the launcher files
- Deleting and re-downloading the data files.
- Using the KMM

Any troubleshooting I've done so far hasn't been of use, and has not helped much at all. I love the game, but the vanilla gameplay is very dry and stale for us, if we're not able to play using mods anymore for some ungodly reason, then I'm not sure we'll be able to continue playing.

I've included a list of the mods we're using. If anyone is able to offer any help, I'd be extremely grateful. Thank you in advance.

[HN] Banner Overhaul II
[HN] Clear Skies
[HN] Naming Overhaul II
Atilla' Karl Franz Black Armor
Battle Chants
Better Camera Mod
Building Progression Icons II
Ceramic Khalida
Equal Auto Resolve
Faction Unit Cards II
GCCM: Main Mod
GCCM: Settlement Pack 01
GCCM: Settlement Pack 02
GCCM: Unique Faction Capitals [Gaen Vale]
GCCM2: Custom Assets
Home Region Movement Larger Bonus
Improved Border Colors
Mask for Settra
Max Level 60!
New Legendary Lord Artefacts
No more Stupid Animations for all Races
Radious 3 Skill points per level submod
Radious skill dump and skill overhaul submod
Radious Tier 4 Minor Settlements submod
Radious Total War Mod - Part 1
Radious Total War Mod - Part 2
Sebidee & Ado's all faction Officers
Sebidee's no great power penalty
Sebidee's Realistic flight


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