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Weather and daytime settings in custom battles -Total War: Shogun 2 is the best example

dinovartdinovart Registered Users Posts: 10
It would be nice to be able to choose weather and daytime in all types of custom battles.Total War:Shogun 2 have these options, and it`s great (e.g., midnight and storm siege or early fogy morning siege). Adding such options to Total war:warhammer 2 can gretaly increase diversity of battles and immersion alongside upcoming content.


  • ZercaZerca Registered Users Posts: 75
    cool idea, maybe even add some advantages for this?

    e.g. vampire pirates do perform better in rain,normal VC at night, while the Empire perform better at daytime.

    Some special events like Morslieb green full moon (i think its called Geheimnisnacht) , where skaven perform better, which can be done by a rite or so.

    Also if some kind of Magic schools might actually able to change the weather in cost of some Winds of Magic.

    Waggons or chariots do perform worse in mud (rain condition) and are slightly slowed down

    Cool stuff, I would push that
  • steph74steph74 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,480
    Fully support this. I'd like to see night, rain, fog, snow...
  • RifugioRifugio Member Registered Users Posts: 1,125
    Yes, more battle field visual effects have been requested for some time now, and should have effects on detection and maybe effectiveness of some units. Unless I was dreaming rain and snow (also maybe mist but I'm a little foggy on that one) are already in the game on some maps, so the engine is already capable of this. Lightning effects would also be very cool, with or without rain, but would need to be opt in to toggle on from the effects menu.

    Neat idea to have some magic lores perhaps be able to change the weather, would be nice to be able to do from the pre-battle splash screen. Previous total wars had the option to wait for the weather to change...

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