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Unique Dread Saurian instead of Invocation of Sotek?

Arcani_4_EverArcani_4_Ever Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 2,447
So The Invocation of Sotek is a disappointing spell needless to say.

You waste so many sacrifices for such a lackluster spell. I have seen Skink Priests rack more kills than a well placed Invocation of Sotek.

Which makes me think. What if the final level is drastically changed.

I remember the rules for the Dread Saurian.

What if the Invocation of Sotek final ritual gives us one of those OP Dread Saurian from the tabletop?

Imagine an Ethereal, with Flaming Magical Attacks, 25% Ward Save with Stalk Dread Saurian as the Invocation of Sotek?

You could actually add those buffs to Dread Saurians in the Table Top and yes, it is as disgusting as it sounds.

Also how will Tehenhuain recruit the new RoR's? Since his RoR's are locked to the Sacrifices to Sotek.


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