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Still having legitimacy problems

DunnDorrDunnDorr Registered Users Posts: 1
So I'm playing as the Mide faction and I know I need to annex and ally with other Gaelic factions to increase legitimacy. I also know that raiding can increase legitimacy. I've upgraded my church infrastructure, won numerous battles, I'm currently raiding three enemy provinces with full stacks. My legitimacy is dropping like crazy, everything listed when I hover over the icon with my cursor is in red with a zero, except for raiding, which is a negative two. This must be broken, right? I mean, I'm either directly in control, in a military alliance with, or have vassalized the entire island of Ireland, but my legitimacy is at a negative 24 and dropping rapidly. Why in the world would I bee seen as an illegitimate ruler if I've conquered all of Ireland, parts of Scotland and Wales, and am raiding England?


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    Jack_Lusted_CA said in a different thread that they are working on it.

    He said it in August 2018 and he lied for CA. They never changed anything and never answered again. You can forget 10% of the game. :)
  • DaruwindDaruwind Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,349
    Actually it is pretty easy. Not sure what patches you are using guys. But now it is working quite well.

    Conquering land belonging to your starting culture is +1. Scottish/Irish Gaelic are two different group so Scottish region counts +1 only for Circenn and Irish for Mide. But all other faction regions like those from Sea Kingsin Ireland....nothing positive for you. Losing ANY region is -1 ANYWHERE.

    Losing Allies is also minus points for their regions....

    Raiding is +1.

    And big point is, there is natural decline -1 if you are not doing anything against enemies. If you raid or take settlement, you are good for next turn. Basically rule is to either raid or take settlement in every turn. And try to get peace if you cannot attack faction quickly...

    So strategy to gain legitimicy is pretty easy. Only short wars, no wars with long distance enemies. Plan your movement. For example if you have two armies and two major cities to siege. Siege just one..you are building equipment for one turn for example and let second army raid in meantime. Then next turn first army storm city and second army will begin another siege. In the beginning have small force. even general himself is good enough to raid your enemy. While main army progress...Conclude wars as soon as possible. Vassalise some Gaelic kingdoms for later annexation, especially good strategy for Mide.

    Circenn is pretty easy as they have option to build "granary" in every province which is providing +5/10/15

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