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Still having legitimacy problems

DunnDorrDunnDorr Posts: 1Registered Users
So I'm playing as the Mide faction and I know I need to annex and ally with other Gaelic factions to increase legitimacy. I also know that raiding can increase legitimacy. I've upgraded my church infrastructure, won numerous battles, I'm currently raiding three enemy provinces with full stacks. My legitimacy is dropping like crazy, everything listed when I hover over the icon with my cursor is in red with a zero, except for raiding, which is a negative two. This must be broken, right? I mean, I'm either directly in control, in a military alliance with, or have vassalized the entire island of Ireland, but my legitimacy is at a negative 24 and dropping rapidly. Why in the world would I bee seen as an illegitimate ruler if I've conquered all of Ireland, parts of Scotland and Wales, and am raiding England?


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