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ClosedVery inaccurate drawing movement path on battle map

kaukuikaukui Registered Users Posts: 3
edited September 2019 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
Lets see if this one stays up!!
BATTLE MAP: Can't draw out movement path with shift+right mouse accurately or even on screen! Example: your unit is at the "bottom" of the screen facing "up" towards the enemy. You try to draw out a green semi circle anticlockwise to flank the enemy from the right only your green semi circle isn't visible because its been drawn somewhere way off to the left off screen. As soon as you let go of Shift+right mouse the selected unit runs off to where the green path line is, which is nowhere near where it was drawn. The replay attached is only going to show my units running off to the left as you can't see commands in replays but when i was testing it I could see by changing the camera angle that the green line was being drawn way off to the distant left of the direction the camera was facing, not even close to where the mouse cursor was. This happens in all battles recently, maybe since v1.2.3 build 10837.1733304 (on both unmodded and modded) but can't be sure as I have found no patch notes for v1.2.3 and don't know when this update happened.
Also archers randomly just don't fire even with a clear line of sight and fire at will enabled. Toggling guard mode on also seems to also stop them from firing.
***This is a second post after my first post just deleted itself when i changed my avatar...Which is now missing and replaced with the word AVATAR!!***
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