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[Suggestion] Nakai teeths problems.

JargesJarges Registered Users Posts: 6
SO, I know that in a past we had "Sartosa Lumberjacks" that were turned into Sartosa Free Company due to a popular deman. And I whould imagine that it took far more work then what I whould suggest next.
Nakai's teeths.
How it is in game - https://ibb.co/n3XHMV7
How it is advertised on DLS splashart - https://ibb.co/C7J86cz
Both were taken form the announcment trailer.
My suggestion is, could you, dear developers, please add more teeths to our lord and saviour Nakai. So that it whould match the splashart. I understand that he is ancient and all that and was in countless battles, but still, ingame hes dental looks like my 90y/o grandma's, while on art he looks like a beast. Please.
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