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About Gor-Rok's Design

JSJolley12JSJolley12 Registered Users Posts: 20
To start I'd to thank CA for their hard work so far. This DLC run looks to be the best so far and with Gotrek just announced all the more so.

But ever since the leak earlier this week there's been quite a bit of discusion over Gor-Rok appearence, specifically ingame. I fall in the group that's a little let down.

From what I've read there are 3 main points of contempt:

1. Color - Gor-rok is described as being an all albino Lizard, shown both in the 8th Edition manual and on his 'Eavy Metal team painted table top model. Yet in game a large portion of his scales are dark black or blue-ish in color which is off puting. A glimmer of hope though, his picture on the steam store (https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steam/apps/1074321/ss_5a3af6abdf6d0cbdc832dc329b271a71503d195a.jpg?t=1567692979) showed a much lighter scaled model of him, but we're yet to know if this will affect his ingame look.

2. Musculator - Described as oversized and incredibly well built Gor-Rok is a being built like brick outhouse. Yet he appears just as lean as other saurus. Compared to Tehenhauin he's really appears to be missing out on the gains. Of the three though this appears like it would be the hardest to adjust (I wouldn't I'm just a machinist) and I could understand it not being adjusted.

3. Size - Personally I can't really say much on his size, he appears to be bigger than other saurus but since I haven't the dlc I can't make the close comparisons myself. Some say he should be the size of a kroxigor, and while I wouldn't mind him being a bit taller, that's a little ridiculous.

At the end of the day, he's still my favorite character in the warhammer lore (I'm sorry Grombrindal he's too swole) and I'm going to play him asap for a most definetly unhealthy amount of time. Thank you again CA for adding my boy into this fantastic game.


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