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@CA: Could you give some love to the Ripperdactyl and Ancient Sally before the patch comes out?

NielspeterdejongNielspeterdejong Registered Users Posts: 306
I absolutely love the Ripperdactyl models, they look simply gorgeous! However, I unfortunately never find myself using them due to how quickly they die even to chaff (even when my infantry took the brunt of the assault). For their cost they should be the #1 option to be used against enemy backline missile infantry.

Suggestion: Could you grant them more mass and a weaker version of the Mammoth's contact damage? This way, with proper micro, you could land your vulnerable and expensive Ripperdactyl into enemy archer formations, and then quickly move them out or to other units. Seeing as how cavalry could quickly counter that, it does seem like a fair trait, considering their cost.

And the Ancient sally feels a bit too much nerfed. Especially now that the Empire has anti-large missile units, and the fact that many factions counter her with relatively little missile pressure.

Suggestion: Could you Either give her old range back, or some more health?
I know that the Lizardmen are getting all new kinds of goodies, but the Ripperdactyl are hardly ever used in multiplayer (for a good reason) due to how poor they perform for their cost. These changes would be justified with how vulnerable and expensive they are, and I hope that CA will consider adding this or something similar that would have the same desired effect.
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