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@CA: Would you consider these Lizardmen cost changes before the patch hits?

NielspeterdejongNielspeterdejong Registered Users Posts: 306
I recently made a few posts about the new Lizardmen units, and added a number of ideas which I felt would make them more viable for competitive play. However, someone pointed out that a much easier way to balance them would be with price cost changes.

For example, the Feral Dread Saurian is okay I think. It eats missiles and it rampages after all. It could (like all Dread Saurian units) have some more Missile Resistance though. Maybe 25% instead of 15%? Here are some price suggestions:

Dread Saurian: 3200 ----> 3000
Dread Saurian ROR: 4000 ----> 3700
Ripperdactyl Riders: 1200 ----> 1100
Ripperdactyl Riders ROR: 1500 ----> 1400
Ark of Sotek: 1050 ----> 950
Ancient Salamander: 1250 ----> 1200

The Dread Saurians, even with the suggested bonus Missile Resistance, would be far too expensive for competitive play, and so far they have been rather underwhelming. I know that we should wait for the new patch, but most of the suggested units have been out for a while and are point-wise very inefficient.

This should not shift the meta for the Lizardmen, but will instead will encourage players to try the less appreciated units as well. Allowing for more fun and diversity in play styles. And afterwards they can always nerf them again, like they did to poor Sally.
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  • Deep_echo_sound#4293Deep_echo_sound#4293 Registered Users Posts: 601
    Better to make dread saurians stronger and not cheaper. Feral version needs some price bump (+100 or +200) to close the gap in 900 gold cost.
    +4 attack, +4 defense for all versions will do before release. Then, we can see what further changes needed, for dread saurians to be competitive.
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