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@CA: Would you consider the following point cost changes before the patch hits?

NielspeterdejongNielspeterdejong Registered Users Posts: 306
I recently made a few posts about the new Lizardmen units, and added a number of ideas which I felt would make them more viable for competitive play. However, someone pointed out that a much easier way to balance them would be with price cost changes.

For example, the Feral Dread Saurian is okay I think. It eats missiles and it rampages after all. It could (like all Dread Saurian units) have some more Missile Resistance though. Maybe 25% instead of 15%? Due to how fast they melt to any kind of ranged pressure (because missiles have a 100% chance to hit him).

Though perhaps you would consider the following price changes?

Dread Saurian: 3200 ----> 3000
Dread Saurian ROR: 4000 ----> 3700
Ripperdactyl Riders: 1200 ----> 1100
Ripperdactyl Riders ROR: 1500 ----> 1400
Ark of Sotek: 1050 ----> 950
Ancient Salamander: 1250 ----> 1200

The Dread Saurians, even with the suggested bonus Missile Resistance, would be far too expensive for competitive play, and so far they have been rather underwhelming. I know that we should wait for the new patch, but most of the suggested units have been out for a while and are point-wise very inefficient.

This should not shift the meta for the Lizardmen, but will instead will encourage players to try the less appreciated units as well. Allowing for more fun and diversity in play styles. And afterwards you can always nerf them again, like poor Sally.
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  • NielspeterdejongNielspeterdejong Registered Users Posts: 306
    I honestly disagree, especially about the Ripperdactyl. They very much underperform for their current cost. And the ancient salamander was the Lizardmen's only true siege unit, which is now nerfed to the ground.
  • Lotus_Moon#2452Lotus_Moon#2452 Registered Users Posts: 12,365
    no thanks, dont agree with any of those especially ancient sally.

    The new unit perhaps it does need a buff perhaps not but i rather it start UP than get hotfixed than start OP and get hotfixed.
  • Pokemonsdude#7979Pokemonsdude#7979 Registered Users Posts: 123
    Beside the ark of sotek, awful suggestions. Lizardmen are already gonna get a ton of stuff too, and these are way too much (dont give dread saurians MR they already look bashy enough).
  • yst#1879yst#1879 Registered Users Posts: 10,030
    Liz get shafted hard this patch due to the caps, u got entire selection of monsters with 80-90% of them completely obsolete, for example both saurian and trash of sotek competeing for the top spot for most overpriced and underwhelming monster spot.

    I mean unless something changes and they r not as clunky as shown on those early access, thers 0 reason to ever bring 1 over ancient steg or even feral carn for that matter. Feral steg, basti and all those can say goodbye as those 3 spots will never be reserved for such units. Ancient sal, stegs, all competing for those slots.
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  • Wyvern2Wyvern2 Registered Users Posts: 1,608
    Ark of sotek could use more of an upward buff, the rest of it i vehemently disagree with.

    Rippers are pretty good for their price, and find their way into the occasional build, especially vs dwarfs. With the max of 3 on SEM's i could see them becoming more popular.
    Ancient Sally is fine, just micro intensive.

    Dread Saurian, well...
    As Lotus said, better UP->hotfix than OP->hotfix.
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  • yst#1879yst#1879 Registered Users Posts: 10,030
    Thats just bad balancing, units like trash guards, garbage for 1 yr and counting. Rubbish of sotek will never see light until they get a -$200, frikking good luck going for those 3 slots, ever. Ancient sal is semi dead now for sure, rather real dinos that perform than gambling on something thats not even 50/50. U cant even do 3 feral basti with krog on grimloq now lol
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  • WakaWaka3000WakaWaka3000 Registered Users Posts: 457
    I would rather wait until the hotfix patch that seems to happen every time one of these DLCs drops
  • NielspeterdejongNielspeterdejong Registered Users Posts: 306
    Well I found that Ripperdactyl often underperform for their costs, and I do miss the range of the ancient Sally, especially with all the new anti large tools of the empire.

    The Arc of Sotek... Yeah, I don't even see him anymore ^^;
  • mightygloin#2446mightygloin#2446 Registered Users Posts: 6,275
    If Saurians are UP, would rather wish them get buffed instead of price reduction.
  • sonofabhorashsonofabhorash Registered Users Posts: 221
    Why do you want to buff top tier faction?
    The tournaments say it all - the LZM are picked constantly
    Time to give some goodies to UP factions so we shift more and more to balanced state
    Yes im talking about beastmen esp.
  • NielspeterdejongNielspeterdejong Registered Users Posts: 306
    edited September 2019
    How would the following boons sound?

    1: Grant all Lizardmen units an additional 10% bonus missile resistance on top of their current ones, similar to how the Dwarfs have at least 25% magic resistance. This way their huge monsters won’t melt, and it fits the Mayan theme of rushing warriors. Plus it represents their tabletop scaly skins trait

    2: Make it so that their Cold blooded ability also gives the affected target a bonus to their Melee Defense and more Missile Resistance. This will allow more uses for your Cold Blooded ability, and will also make it more thematic.
  • yst#1879yst#1879 Registered Users Posts: 10,030
    edited September 2019
    My god, what a seriously underwhelming unit, they need at least +3000 hp to start with.

    Its face-palming level of embarrassment to get outperformed by $1600 feral mammoth while costing $2300/ Prolly looking at -$500 cut or something and their hitbox, my god even zombies gunner cant miss.

    Its just a really, really, really bad unit. We r looking at a luminark level of mess here(old luminark). Lucky for steamtank and garbage of sotek, we just found ourselves a new #1 trash unit
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