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2 changes to improve the game in general and MP in particular

cool_ladcool_lad Senior MemberIndiaRegistered Users Posts: 2,276
I think that the following 2 changes, taken from the TT, would improve the quality of the game in general (including the Campaign) and be especially useful in MP:-

1. TT based unit caps

I think that, at least in MP, unit caps based on the Core-Special-Elite classification should be implemented, where the army can only invest so much funds into a particular type of unit. This would allow for better balancing between units by limiting the supply of elites and thus allowing for elites to be balanced as an actually limited resource rather than just off their cost.

This could, at least when applied to the AI and as an optional system for the player also improve the campaign by leaps and bounds by restricting the AI's tendency to field elite spam armies and armies composed of ludicrous unit comps. This could also allow for better balancing of core units by making their numbers affect the availability of other types of units.

2. Blind Picking of factions and armies in MP

This would require that the player both pick their faction and build their army before queuing for the MP. This would have the following positive effect on the MP and balance in general:-

A. Reduce the spiral of increasingly niche and enemy faction specific armies that seems to afflict the MP. A player would be dependent on their own tools and build their armies according to what they wanted to pull off rather than to address the specific weakness of whatever faction the opponent would have picked.

B. Bring the MP and Campaign closer in terms of balance and reduce the conflicts between the 2 by making the MP conditions a little closer to the Campaign in that armies are not built just to take on one specific type of foe. This would also improve the overall balance, which is important since the two (Campaign and MP balance) are connected and thus would be better off when similar considerations prevail across them.

C. Make identifying poorly balanced units easier to spot through pick rates. The present system makes identifying such units somewhat harder, since their situation is obfuscated through their utility in niche and marginal cases (often dependent on knowing the enemy faction beforehand), which then has an effect on them being balanced accordingly, and therefore having a negative effect on their general utility and Campaign balance.


  • Lotus_MoonLotus_Moon Registered Users Posts: 10,145
    Neither of those would improve MP and even more would likely make it worse.

    1 - TT caps are for TT based point system

    2 - Blind pick factions and armies is a very bad idea, i really cbb even explaining why, one of the many reasons against it is that some factions would simply never see play while most versatile would be top dog.
  • Wyvern2Wyvern2 Registered Users Posts: 1,601
    To add to Lotus

    1)We're getting MP unit caps in the upcoming patch anyway. And the tourney rules are in my experience really solid, so it should be a marked improvement.

    2)Blind pick factions+armies would be a balance disaster. A faction like dwarfs can basically run the same build vs every opponent(in fact theyre kinda constrained to it) while factions like empire or high elves rely on catering their builds to specific MU's. It's quite frankly an abysmal concept.
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  • OrkLadsOrkLads Registered Users Posts: 1,875
    2) I would be on board with picking your faction before you entered the match, but you should be able to build your army after seeing what your opponent brought. Definitely not having an all-comers army you need to lock in with.
  • ValkaarValkaar Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,371
    edited September 2019
    I would like blind queuing while picking your race. So you’re stuck with whatever race you pick. Constant counter-picking games are an obnoxious waste of time and absent from any multiplayer RTS that purports to offer balanced competitive play. Something similar to Starcraft would be fine.

    However I do not support the blind picking of armies. There is no strategical depth to just ‘rolling the dice’.

    You should definitely be allowed to adjust your army build once you see what race your opponent is at least. Even if you’re locked into your race, you shouldn’t be blindly locked into randomly picking your specific units based on whatever is the cheesiest/most flexible.
  • yangdoryangdor Registered Users Posts: 4
    It's good to choose your side before game matching, but not seeing your opponents is bad because it's a game of luck.

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