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Battle Personalities for leaders

ImnuktamImnuktam Posts: 43Registered Users
When I attack settlements all leaders armies behave the same every battle. If the settlement has no walls they come running out, and if I deploy my entire force all tight together the enemy comes out all blobbed up and tight together to eat all my trebuchets and archer spam.

Have to admit I really enjoyed it the first playthrough watching everyone burn, but it is so predictable that it kills the replay value of battles like that.

What I would like to see is a system where the ai's Army behaves differently based on who is commanding it.

Zhuge liangs force would be smart enough to stay inside that settlement and make you come to those choke points, even if it doesn't have walls. If he is eating treb fire spread formation everyone and also put distance between themselves and other units. Run them fast back and forth stopping a lot to mess with the trebs fire etc. He was a genius, it should be annoying to fight his army instead of being (in battlefield actions) just the same as any other random general.

Then there would be gens like Zhang Fei who would yell 'charge' and head on out.

And all the other generals would be somewhere in-between and less predictable.


  • markp27markp27 Posts: 1,099Registered Users
    You missed off Lu Bu can never refuse a duel :p
  • Misaka_ComplexMisaka_Complex Posts: 1,369Registered Users
    edited September 10
    I remember that when the game just came out if its a settlement battle without a wall the army would actually be scattered across the settlement instead of just charging you. At the same time, as I got better in the game most of my armies are a lot smaller than the enemy and the auto resolve says "close defeat" most of the time because I abuse trebs so it might also be the AI assuming that its going to be a "easy victory" so they just come charging and dying to the trebs.
  • RewanRewan Senior Member Posts: 1,180Registered Users
    In Settlements without walls, AI recognizes the threat of trebuchets as much as in field battles and try to rush you before you do meaningful damage.

    It was the same in Attila afair.
  • markp27markp27 Posts: 1,099Registered Users
    I think what the OP is talking about is a good idea. Every general behaving in their own unique ways would offer a lot of the variety most of us have been looking for. There is a lot of information on how these generals acted, and it would definitely provide uniqueness.
  • LESAMALESAMA Member Posts: 1,099Registered Users
    Would be a Great idea!! To stay in the philosophy of the different classes I would say connect it to that in combination with their personal traits.

    Let’s say every class has 3 options, aggressive, defensive and balanced when commanding an army based on their character traits. Each of the classes has different parameters when it comes to one of these options. So an aggressive vanguard will behave differently from a aggressive commander.

    This would mean that with 5 classes and 3 options per class one would have a multitude of options how battles play out.

    The ai should be able to prioritize the selection of it’s commanders based upon different parameters like total army size vs opponent and if it’s fighting a defensive war or a war of expansion.
  • stringer1313stringer1313 Posts: 41Registered Users
    I agree with this comment in general but am not sure it makes enough of a difference to make this a priority. I think other issues like adding general art (which is easy) and unique abilities should take precedence.
  • RikisRikis Posts: 1,017Registered Users
    edited September 11
    Rewan said:

    In Settlements without walls, AI recognizes the threat of trebuchets as much as in field battles and try to rush you before you do meaningful damage.

    It was the same in Attila afair.

    Same for rome 2. When I had artillery they would rush out to try and take it out. Most of the time they would form formation atleast although I think the AI over values that one artillery unit.
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