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The Empire Undivided Update - Master Feedback Thread

CA_JamesCA_James Registered Users, Moderators, Administrators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff, Community Team Posts: 443
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Please provide any feedback relating to the Empire Undivided update here.
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  • MaSMaS Registered Users Posts: 0
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    Was helping The Empire defend against a Norscan Tribe via the new dilema mechanic and got a trespassing penalty the turn after that.
    I chose to help Reikland, got zapped to Altdorf and provided with a small detachment and then send straight to the battel map. After the battle was won, the small army was demobilized and I got zapped straight back to Solland. There was no diplomacy involved mate.

    Screenshot of the matter:
  • ErieTheOwlErieTheOwl Registered Users Posts: 2
    Good day!

    Yesterday night I encoutered what many people on the total war discord think is a bug (myself included) and decided to posted it here.

    I was playing Nakai The Wanderer on a Vortex campaign at the later stage of the campaign around turn 185 or so I believe I got a quest to stop Queek from winning the battle for the vortex. I decided to wait out the timer to see what would happen and I ended up losing the campaign and had to go back to an older save and fight the battle.

    I am pretty sure Nakai should not be involved with the rituals cause he has its own objectives so I am not sure if this interaction of me having to prevent another faction from finishing the final ritual was intended or not.

    Thanks for Grace to leading me here!

    Kind Regards,

  • yangdoryangdor Registered Users Posts: 4
    When other factions declare war on my vassal, let them think about my military power.
    They go to war because they think my vassal has no military power.

    It's been a problem before, and now it's often seen in Nakai play.
  • DAB71DAB71 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 21
    Playing as Karl Franz in ME. Control all of Reikland. Attacked Helmgart and encircled large stack of Secessionists plus garrison to see what they had and prevent recruitment. Ended turn and they sallied. Outnumbered badly I chose to withdraw. Turn completed and I find my stack on the far side of Helmgart as the AI has withdrawn me to the dwarven territory there. Totally bizarre that my army can withdraw through the enemy’s settlement and forces. I attacked from my home territory but was not sent back there on withdrawal.

    Second point - in the dilemma where two empire factions such as Nordland and Ostland may go to war, is there a way to see my relations rating with them before choosing my response? I may just have missed it but it wasn’t obvious and I made a blind choice.
    I pre-ordered Hunter and the Beast as soon at it became available. The game will not update at all, even though it says that the DLC is installed and the game is up to date, I cannot play Gor-rok, Nikai or Wolfheart, the game hasn't even be updated the Empire has not updated there are no gates and the island of Albion is still the same as the pre-patch version. All files have been validated and it says everything is up to date and installed, yes I have tried to start a new campaign and it is the same as the pre-patch version its almost as if nothing has updated. Any help would be appreciated!
  • MactalonMactalon Registered Users Posts: 9
    Two things -

    1. Not all of the Runefangs give magical damage, which feels like a mistake? They're all specifically noted to be magic swords, it seems odd that they don't imbue that capability. There may be a balancing reason against it but it feels wrong for them not to have it. Lorewise those weapons are important since they're one of the main avenues of killing magical beings like daemons, spirits etc.

    2. There's a mistake in the text for discovering an Under-City while playing as the Empire (possibly counts for all factions but I saw it playing as Empire) - it calls the Skaven a "meer" nuisance, rather than 'mere.'
  • MactalonMactalon Registered Users Posts: 9
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    New thing -

    Co-op campaigning is interesting as the Empire. I'm playing as Gelt and don't seem to be getting any political events coming up for me. Karl's player is getting them, but weirdly we're also sharing Fealty?

    When he does his political events, I get the same additions and losses to fealty etc. that he chooses, which is a little annoying. So essentially whoever is playing Gelt doesn't get to play the new content in co-op?

    Edit: Gelt did eventually get some events popping up after a chunk of turns so that is working, although we are still sharing the same fealty points.
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  • ErieTheOwlErieTheOwl Registered Users Posts: 2
    Hello, I am back here with a second huge bug!

    I was playing Markus Vortex campaign and I fullfilled all the victory conditions but somehow never got a victory screen what so ever!

    This is the 2nd big bug I've encoutered in 24 hours of release, I hope this will get fixed!
  • Ry505Ry505 Registered Users Posts: 1
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    When is the mac release expected?
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  • yangdoryangdor Registered Users Posts: 4
    I hope you can share the Beast Slayer from Karl Franz's Unique Quest with the Emperor's men.

      Karl Franz already holds a dragon tooth, so its use is ambiguous.
  • MasterSayo01MasterSayo01 Registered Users Posts: 286
    Hello CA_ James,

    I have noticed lots of bugs in the Elector Counts system and I have post it in the "Warhammer II campaign bugs" (see the link), because I can't add pictures and files in this section.


  • DerekSlideDerekSlide Registered Users Posts: 1
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    Hello James,

    (The Good) Let me preface this by saying that this is the most enjoyable TW game I have ever played. This DLC and indeed all of Warhammer 2 continues to improve with every patch, with 90% or more being welcome additions to me. I would like to emphasize I LOVE THE GAME and THE EFFORT PUT IN.

    (The Bad) One of the major gripes I have about the game though, is the fact that balance seems to be governed by Multiplayer. This perception could be incorrect; many spells were nerfed though and I cannot fathom why. I think splitting Single Player and Multiplayer stats would be more fun for those that enjoy either.

    I do not advocate ruining anyone's fun, merely letting both have their cake and eat it too. Perhaps you've thought of this, and it is unfeasible. That's fine. Merely unfortunate.

    Sometimes I just want to windblast a unit of clanrats and watch them all die. Also, many lores are simply not as powerful as their counterparts. Which is unfortunate as it reduces choice for those who like optimization, or flavour.

    (The Ugly) The difficulty settings, the AI and Diplomacy.

    The Great Power Penalty is something that has never made sense to me. The USA and other developed countries may be hated by less developed countries, but they are not in a position to refuse non-aggression pacts, trade nor would they refuse military access. Why? Because they are bullied into it. Something you cannot do in TW.

    Difficulty settings make the game feel like the AI is playing a different game then you. Making the challenge artificial and one of optimized counters in a unintuitive game of Checkers vs Chess. Line of sight penalties do not make the game harder in a "fun" way. Nor does making the enemy units gain xp every turn by simply existing. Again, I do not begrudge these changes, merely offering feedback in the hopes that difficulty can become more meaningful in the future without relying on gimmicks.

    Finally, the AI. Here I can see the same problems I have seen in every past Total War title. If this isn't changed I would not complain. The reality of the situation is I do not know how much work is needed to make complicated AI work, without being buggy. To the point, AI on the tactical map is terribly easy to predict. And in sieges, both in attack or defense, are no challenge at all. Instead of arbitrary bonuses, or cheats to "level" the playing field, it would be glorious if the AI would act in a more logical fashion, more human like.

    I want to reiterate a positive point after these observations and opinions,

    I appreciate (with $$$) your hard work and love (by promoting) your creation. I wish you and your team all the best and urge you to take and consider this post for what it is, an opinion, not a judgement or an attempt to curry favour. (Yes the "u" belongs there you heretics)


    Derek Slide
  • BxbaracusBxbaracus Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 21
    Hey James,

    My feedback:

    1. The elector count mechanics needs some rebalance/rework, some of the mechanics are just stupid (sorry) especially out of the perspective of the golden Order - Obv none of the mechanic makes sense out of the perspective of the golden order cuz no one should have loyalty towards you etc.etc. , but even if we pretend we are acting in behalf of the empire ..its just completely anticlimatic (and for me a gamebreaker ) when u suddenly have the pop up : The empire suceeds from the empire ...this goes along with my second point :
    2. Why would you introduce a mechanic in order for the player to manage Loyalty to prevent succesion or gain confederation and then implement an RNG "XY Elector count declares succesion" : Spend 1000 (!) Influence or go to war (just got back to 650 because i had to spend 1000 to prevent a war and get authority ) . That makes no sense at all. Especiall because its compeltely random. i had good relations with the empire and my fealty level was 5. I reloaded tested a bit and got the same event for middenland ,ostland and finally for whissenland which i accepted ..because there is another thing that is just annoying, it makes no sense to go to war with an Elector count that is on the other side of the empire , and you have no military acess anyway.


    1. Get rid of the succesion event or only make it pop up when they have very low fealty
    2. EXclude the empire from the event when playing as the golden order
    3. The player should have military acess to all empire provincess by default ; A lot of thing you can do to increase relations relie on that . So if your goal is to grant stability in the empire ,recapture territories defeated hordes etc you kinda need military acess ( had + 60 relations with averland 9 fealty trade and no agression pact ; couldnt help them against vampiore counts cuz no acess ) - or at least make it easyer to get it

  • Lord_SpariochLord_Sparioch Registered Users Posts: 16
    Can you all tell me if the opening warhammer 2 screen is just bugged, or do i have an issue here. I have downloaded the hunter and the beast, i have all the lords.. but the screen says i am still on game Version 1.6.1. I see nothing about the Empire divided here.

    ( i have cleared the steam cache and restarted it, just an fyi)
  • EVASaiyajinEVASaiyajin Registered Users Posts: 2
    I think that the Stahlberg's Letter item should apply against Von Carsteins, not just Vampire Counts, Vampire Coast, and Tomb Kings. At least, it doesn't apply against Von Carsteins according to the description of its effects.
  • Deep_echo_soundDeep_echo_sound Registered Users Posts: 514
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    Foot lords exclusive lord pack.
    Is great. But still no knockdown immunity for all foot lords and heroes is awful.
    You just added 5 new footballs.
    All foot lords and heroes should be as immune to knockdowns as mounted on horses and anything now. Mounted lords already have too much advantage over foot ones.
    Finally, finally, please, give us total knockdown immunity for all lords and heroes. Not exclusively and discriminatory for mounted only.
    This one is top priority over all!! Please fix!!
    Not like in this patch - giving a small buff, but via absolute knockdown immunity and equality for all lords and heroes!

    Own provinces should be fully visible. And provinces seen through high elves spies.
    Or make it optional.
    1. Line of sight restrictions to armies and agents only. And aforementioned provinces (own and spied) fully visible.
    2. Or restrictions for all, including own settlements too.

    Forced units caps.
    Also, we really need expanded optional tab, that one, where battle limit time adjusting now. Expanded with more options in the future. Like no units caps. (Dread saurians - yes, it is about them.)
    Not all gamers happy with forced units cap in factions that have no corresponding mechanics.

    And, cool down mechanic is far better. Like for empire special province units now. When you can recruit many units, just have wait 10 or 20 turns for the next unit to appear.
    If any form or restrictions will appear, it better be this refresh charge cool down. Not hard 1 unit cap forever.

    You know the story. It is better to adjust more buildings across the factions for -50 gold per turn here and there. Than just cut the ports' income by -70% or so like now.
    As being said, 7200 gold for 50 gold per turn income is "newer build this" flag.
  • KlausTheKatKlausTheKat Registered Users Posts: 535
    Really enjoying my current Franz playthrough. Absolutely love the dilemma battles. Great idea! More of this please!

    With that said, some (hopefully) constructive feedback based on first impressions of the new Empire mechanics:

    Having Imperial Authority (IA from here on) 90% generated by RNG dilemma's is tricky to manage. Especially as the gain is usually +1 whereas the losses are -1, -2, -3 etc.. This actually ends up with managing IA being less efficient than just rampaging and taking by force. (Especially seeing as you still get all the provincial benefits/units/items by conquering and installing a new Elector instead of confederating), it feels like I don't have much control over ways to positively influence IA generation and many, many RNG and player controlled ways to lose it - That said, this is a first take so perhaps I am missing some strategies for generating more positive IA.

    The Elector counts screen is nice but feels a bit lifeless, i can use it to view the same info I can view from the diplo/campaign screens and I can use it to view the available buffs/units/equipment a province will give me and finally I can use it to replace the Elector Count. But in the trade off I have lost a lot of Diplo options with my fellow electors, I cant ally, defensive ally, join war etc.. I actually feel I now have *less* options when dealing with my fellow elector counts (outside of the RNG Dilemma's that is) , I still really like the system but feel it would benefit from some tweaks, namely giving more options on what you can ask of your fellow Elector Counts (Join war/Defensive ally etc, maybe if it only applied to factions outside of the Empire Factions? ie: asking Middenland to join in/offering to join with the war against the Leaf Cutters) - The current system doesnt let me feel like I have any control at all (Emporer my a$$) and what I have instead of any control or power is just an obligation to help with no reciprocation. Perhaps if IA were to be spent in forcing the Electors to abide by my will (You WILL defend the moot from Vampires, So sayeth me, Your Emporer) This would also require a more plentiful supply of IA to be gained. To put this in perspective, I have more control over my Bretonnian allies then those guys that call me "Emporer".

    Prestige seems fine, no problems at all with that.

    The Dilemma battles are, as I already mentioned, a fantastic addition and really help build the narrative. Might be worth looking at the reinforcement entry points on a few maps though as I have entered battle pretty much in the middle of the enemy lines on a few occasions, it feels a bit less like I'm riding to the rescue when I am tanking the entire enemy army two seconds after joining battle and then waiting for the besieged Empire faction's troops to come rescue me! Also, when riding to the rescue of a besieged Empire faction (the Dilemma i mean), getting a trespassing malus against that faction feels like a low blow. (Thanks so much for breaking your economy to come rescue me, I swear they would have murdered/eaten/raped/pillaged us all, but, GET OFF MY LAWN YOU GODDAMN UNWANTED RUFFIAN! -10 to Diplo... meh)... Yes, I know.. get a military access agreement... however.. after Wissenland randomly seceded and declared war on me (despite the NA in place) my diplo status is at very low (and remained there for 30+ turns), good luck getting military access or any green/yellow diplo options with anyone now (despite +80 positive relations). Also, the outcome of the dilemma battles doesnt seem particularly meaningful in any real way. Even just an event screen along the lines of "The EC of Ostermark sends his thanks for riding to their defence, together we repelled this most hated foe", or "The EC of Ostermark appreciates your efforts in trying to aid the doomed defence of *insert settlement* despite the brave allies best efforts the city has fallen, we must now work together to ensure this threat does not grow to endanger the greater Empire."

    Sorry to jump on the bandwagon but yeah, ports, I don't mind the reduction in income but if thats the way things are then the building costs are waaaaaaay off. Also, and this is old news now, I never understood any Tier5 building with growth. AFAIK excess growth doesnt bleed out to your greater empire so for all intents and purposes its completely useless.

    Finally, just a few random wee bugs I've noticed:
    - The heroes (bar the Waystalker) at the Ubersreik landmark have 0 skills/abilities. Not such a big deal for the witchhunter/thane/captains as they are still decently statted melee heroes but makes the fire mage utterly useless. Unless I'm meant to melee with him?
    - Sea treasures seem a bit janky, about half the time they just disappear with no event popup.
    - I had a mission event to raid the Beastmen lands....

    Overall I think its a great update and definitely headed in the right direction. Kudos to all involved and thank you for bringing this wonderful world to life.

  • TeNoSkillTeNoSkill Registered Users Posts: 3,408
    It seems the new paintscheme for the Empire knights does not apply.
  • SethisSethis Registered Users Posts: 1
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    Having Imperial Authority (IA from here on) 90% generated by RNG dilemma's is tricky to manage... This actually ends up with managing IA being less efficient than just rampaging and taking by force. (Especially seeing as you still get all the provincial benefits/units/items by conquering and installing a new Elector instead of confederating), it feels like I don't have much control over ways to positively influence IA generation and many, many RNG and player controlled ways to lose it... in the trade off I have lost a lot of Diplo options with my fellow electors, I cant ally, defensive ally, join war etc.. I actually feel I now have *less* options when dealing with my fellow elector counts... The current system doesn't let me feel like I have any control at all... To put this in perspective, I have more control over my Bretonnian allies then those guys that call me "Emperor".

    Might be worth looking at the reinforcement entry points on a few maps though as I have entered battle pretty much in the middle of the enemy lines on a few occasions, it feels a bit less like I'm riding to the rescue when I am tanking the entire enemy army two seconds after joining battle and then waiting for the besieged Empire faction's troops to come rescue me! Also, when riding to the rescue of a besieged Empire faction (the Dilemma i mean), getting a trespassing malus against that faction feels like a low blow.... Also, the outcome of the dilemma battles doesnt seem particularly meaningful in any real way. Even just an event screen along the lines of "The EC of Ostermark sends his thanks for riding to their defence, together we repelled this most hated foe"...

    All of this. Fully agree.

    I have a higher diplomatic relationship with every Empire province than I do with Brets, yet somehow I can tell Brets to come help me take out some Undead/Wood Elves, but I can't do anything to tell the other Elector Counts to deal with the new Orc/Wood Elf provinces that are smack in the middle of my Empire?

    I would love to see an option to buy Imperial Authority with Prestige. At the moment both currencies feel ineffective, wild, and just another way to screw with my Empire building, rather than something to be managed, spent wisely on things that I choose, and a tool to improve my Diplomacy in a meaningful way that actually follows my strategy. For example as Karl Franz, one of the first missions is "Get a Mortar" so it would be super nice if I could somehow actually use my IA and Prestige to push Nuln into confederating with me so I can get access to their Siege Weapon specialization in Nuln. At the moment I seem to basically be waiting for a random event to afford me the opportunity to do so, because even though I can spend prestige to make them more friendly on the diplomacy screen, that friendliness no longer eventually leads to confederation, it can ONLY be accomplished through getting Loyalty 10, which could easily take scores of turns if all the random events only pertain to Ostland or Nordland or whatever.

    Alternatively I could just invade them, and get the same job done much faster. So why even bother having the IA/Prestige at all, apart from as a way of inflicting random secessions and diplomatic penalties on me? At the moment the ONLY perk of the system is that Confederation doesn't cause any Diplomatic or Public Order penalties, but at least those vanish after 10 turns. That -3 to your IA is forever (or it feels like it, waiting for enough public events to turn up that offer +1 IA that you can actually afford to pay for with cash or Prestige...)

    Good concept, love the novelty of it and a way to make the Empire more flavourful, but at the moment it feels like an obstacle rather than a benefit. If I can see that an Elector Count only has Loyalty 2, I want a way to spend a resource to improve that without being at the mercy of random events. If an Elector Count has loyalty 9, I want a way to spend a resource to bump it up to 10 to allow me to confederate, rather than waiting forever. It really seems like the Elven system but worse. At least Elves can gain Influence via Hero actions and Buildings and turn it into concrete results with War declarations, Confederations, and Military Alliances.

    Other issues:

    - Helmgart is treated on the strategic map as not having walls when you try to take it back from the secessionists, so you can't build siege equipment. However when you launch the tactical battle, you're facing a castle. Ooops. Guess I'll sit through a 20 turn siege with my main army while Middenheim declares war on me then. Seems to affect enemies too, because the Orcs keep throwing armies at it with no siege equipment either and I butcher them in short order with the garrison.

    - Was called to help defend against Norsca. Appeared on opposite side of map to allies. Norsca magically knew I was in the forest, and their entire army turned around to spank me. Cue 5 minutes of watching 2 AI armies fight each other. Not fun.

    - Having gone to help, I now have a pointless little 5 stack army that does nothing except incur diplomatic penalties as they slog from one end of the empire to the other, or I just disband the whole thing, feeling like I've gained nothing in particular.

    - Is there a particular reason Empire starts with a non-aggression pact with Vampires and Templehof, serving no purpose other than to make all our allies dislike us right from the start?

    - Got a mission to forge a Military or Defensive Alliance with Nordland. Not possible under new Elector system.

    Despite all of the above, really loving the game, and appreciate reworks and big patches being applied even years after release day. Thanks!
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  • AwesomeLionAwesomeLion Member Registered Users Posts: 1,228
    Relief army event:
    As the reinforcing army I often find that I get spawned to far away to help the AI forces as they can sometimes be run down and killed even before I manage to get my relief army over there to help (even though the army is running to get there).
    Total War: Warhammer <3
  • GigiauzGigiauz Registered Users Posts: 82
    I started a similar trhead on support, but probably is better to post here

    The following screen in vanilla game (no mods used, game reinstalled from scratch and graphic driver updated, is sure that the problem is not mine, other player are experiencing the same graphic bug)

    Vanilla Averland faction state troops .... it was supposed to be black and yellow...something wrong with the models materials files I guess

    Empire faction state troops .... it was supposed there were mixed coloured beards .....something wrong with materials files I guess

  • cool_ladcool_lad Senior Member IndiaRegistered Users Posts: 2,276
    I have found 6 issues so far:-
    1. Some of the new Empire dilemmas, such as the one which requires you to pay 2000 gold to raise troops and then fight a battle using those troops instead of your armies; feel like terrible artificial difficulty. You're forced to not use the armies you have raised and are instead supposed to only use the troops provided, whose composition you have little to no control over, and which are generally inadequate for the battle at hand, especially in the early game.
    2. Nakai as a new concept for hordes is nice and all, but so long as it still has to work off the no income/negative income concept as old style hordes, it will remain inferior. The vassal pays peanuts, overall and you won't be getting a new horde anytime soon.
    3. Confederating other factions as Nakai is a problem, since the characters you wind up getting lack the horde growth skill.
    4. Ports have been nerfed into the ground; they should be appealing targets and valuable; instead they feel like massive liabilities that aren't worth the effort.
    5. The new units aren't linked to any resource for upkeep reductions (unlike base game units).
    6. The Nakai textures seem to have been applied to all Kroxigors.
  • SkawerSkawer Registered Users Posts: 1
    After 200 turns playing as Karl Frantz I have enjoyed the campaign BUT


    There really should be a way to get Imperial authority faster after turn 100... I have over 25000 prestige ale provinces are 10+ relation (fealty) but the only Imperial authority I get is from declining confederation (and maybe once in 15-25 turns a dilema). With long turn times and basically all major enemies defeated (Endtimes defeated) I am not really motivated to wait for a other 60? turns to get 3-4 more provinces to confederate.


    It would be cool if there would be a bonus for reinstating the original elector after confederation. Maybe authority +1?

    Give us a way to easily and quickly identify the elector counts (the original and potentially the new once after confederation). Give them some sort of fluffy head :-D

    I would love to have more enemy armies in the empire (especially beast men).

    I would love to see some sort of a bonus for befriending the Woodelfs in the empire and not just killing them.

    And a last thing: why start with a non aggression pact with the vamps? Is there something we dont know about karl :-D )
  • RifugioRifugio Member Registered Users Posts: 1,148
    edited September 2019
    Skawer said:

    Give us a way to easily and quickly identify the elector counts (the original and potentially the new once after confederation). Give them some sort of fluffy head :-D

    I think it would be neat for each Elector counts personal army to maintain their army colours even after confederation, and also their standards. For the campaign map their standards could be half Empire/half provincial colours.

  • Exwing17Exwing17 Registered Users Posts: 1
    Wulfhart Vortex Campaign.

    Settlement ownership isn't the correct colour in the campaign map.

    For example:

    Swamp Town. Owned by New World Colonies. In the minimap the colour is Orange.

    Few others have the same problem. No mods.
  • frolof1frolof1 Registered Users Posts: 400
    I can't help but being against the new personality system for Vampire counts. They've their personality set to defensive, which doesn't work given their roster. They lack in defence since the AI doesn't get any ranged units. You can't play defensive without any ranged units, since you will be outmatched by defence.

    CA, please make the Vampire Counts default in aggression and let Barrow legion and Mousillon remain defensive for balance purposes.
  • Jman5Jman5 Registered Users Posts: 1,163
    Playing as Empire in the Old World, there is tons of good stuff, so I want to start off by giving you guys a big thumbs up.

    1. Fort battles:
    There is no point contesting the wall. It's massively easier to just run to the central chokepoint, stuff all your melee on the ramp, and let your crossbowmen, and mortar obliterate the invaders. The AI needs to be taught to to blob up less. Sure, send 5 or 6 melee to scrap at the center, but it should be sending a lot more forces around the completely unprotected sides. It's just way too easy because the AI just blobs through the center. You don't even need to make it smart and dynamic. Just have it always split up 3-ways and it will be massively more challenging.

    2. Secessions and Reliability:

    I don't mind that the civil war events can be somewhat arbitrary. What bothers me is that if I just don't happen to have quite enough prestige on the turn it happens, I am forced to completely tank my reliability. Reliability takes AGES to rebuild and it's incredibly frustrating. Again, I don't mind being railroaded into a civil war, I just hate that I'm treated like a backstabber by everyone in the world.

    3. Overwhelmed by Lords when I confederate.

    Can you guys just let players permanently dismiss generic Lords they have acquired from confederating others? When I open up the Elector Count page I've got all these no-names filling up the candidate list.

    4. Can't hire Volkmar the Grim

    I think this is a bug, but I confederated a province with the final Sigmar building, but I couldn't hire Volkmar. I think it forces you to manually build it since the requirement is the mid-tier temple.

    5. Greenskins and Beastmen sometimes bypass forts.

    It happened a few times. A weaker/injured army went underground and ignored the fort. Kind of frustrating tbh.

    6. We really need a way to buy territory from the AI.

    It's just so frustrating when you have a 200+ relationship with the dwarfs or Bretonnia, and they snag one of the empire's capitals. I would happily buy it for an unreasonable amount, but instead I'm forced to go to war to unite the empire.

    Maybe add some special event that transfers ownership to the Empire player.

    7. New Special event fights. Reinforcement location

    This is a fun idea, but I find the reinforcement locations really frustrating. Almost every time I spawn too far from my ally. I win my fight, but my ally gets completely obliterated. I don't mind hard battles or losing, but it feels like I never get to fight with my ally. I'm playing on very hard battles. I wonder what effect that has on your ally's stats.
  • TeNoSkillTeNoSkill Registered Users Posts: 3,408
    Regarding the Imperial Elector count system;

    It is consistent with one theme throughout the game, meaning it looks great, but once you have gotten into it there isn t really much you can do.

    But let´s start from the beginning;

    Imperial Authority (IA)

    Good idea, as it is more impactful with more potential negative traits then positive ones. The problem tho is for smth as important as this (the potential to get gangbanged by your fellow imperials!) is entirely dependant on RNG.
    And this is frustrating, because it takes controll from the player and you cannot plan with it. And with the very likely possibility of seccession you don t want to have less then 1000 prestige at all times.

    Have the imperial authority be dependant on the percentage of all fealties combined. Meaning, when you have a fealty of 5 with ALL of the electors you have Imperial Authority of 50%. That way you have a better measure of controll over it.
    Also there should be at least a handful of ways how to gain IA, maybe by building the Imperial palace landmark,through technology or smth else to simply have a pool of a few reliably gettable IA points.

    Also the staging towards the positive is a bit short, going from waning to absolute is very quick. So a second positive stage between "absolute" and "waning" would be nice.


    The political currency would be a good idea, if there were some ACTUAL POLITICAL OPTIONS. Improving relations with the provinces is useful for what?
    Trade agreements and military access, since we can t even ally with the electors anymore?

    Furthermore a few more ways on how to get (or lose) it would be nice; If you cannot fight battles or build smth, youre entirely dependant on RNG again.

    Give us political options on what to use our prestige
    Things like

    - " demand tribute", sacrificing prestige for money and/or extra (elector) troops (to have a way to get those nice elector troops, even if you ATM don t controll the Elector).
    - "Enemy of the Empire", basically a gangbang button, demanding all electors to attack a chosen target (army/city);based on their fealty X ammount of them will answer the call.
    - "Imperial obidience" allows you to basically force a treaty in exchange for Imperial authority and/or prestige (since with the random events the trustfactor is always heavily damaged)

    Intervention events

    Certainly a nice way to bring some action in and variety to the usual big battles (due to no smaller detachments beeing allowed). As far as I have seen it tho the armies and locations are (again) randomized (since I don t believe a Norscan army would have made it to Whisenland).
    Stirland was attacked by Vampires the whole time, yet I wasn t called to aid; same with Whisenland and the Dwarves aswell as Nordland and the "real" Norscans. These events should also relate to "real assaults" and not only basically RNG battles.
    Also the choice options are a bit.....strange;
    You can hire a force either through money or prestige, but why should you choose the option "send scouts"? For what is the vision good?

    - Have Intervention Events called when something "real" happens, like when the Vampires are attacking the Moot.
    - Have the options a bit tweaked;

    "Hire mercenaries" should be made into " order province X to assist", which costs you (atleast -2) fealty with the ordered province.
    "Send state troops" should provide a larger army (at least 10 units) and should give you prestige (like 100-200), but cost a lot (at least 3000), basically the safe option.
    "Send scouts" should only send a small (max 5 mobile low/medium units+ general) and cost you prestige (-300 at max coz it´s not very prestigious to send a small band instead of a large host) while also granting you the chance of getting an item.
    And "do nothing" will lose you some (-1) fealty with the county and worsen the diplomatic relations a bit (-10-20 or so).

  • Corvus_917Corvus_917 Registered Users Posts: 8
    First let me start off by saying that I am very glad for the Empire Undivided patch, and I think it has been an overall excellent, positive change. I do, however, have two suggestions for improvement involving the main Empire campaign with Karl Franz.

    1. Adjust the chapter objectives to accommodate the additional settlements. This is particularly pronounced with the first chapter unlocked after conquering Grunburg, as the number of settlements controlled by Empire Secessionists was increased by one, meaning that you cannot complete the "destroy empire secessionist" objective before completing the first chapter objective.

    In practice, this means that it's practically infeasible to complete any of the other side objectives before the first chapter is completed, making them completely pointless. Please adjust this in the upcoming beta patch by increasing the amount of settlements needed to be occupied/razed/looted to finish the chapter objectives.

    2. Please de-nerf the ports. I know you already plan on addressing this in the beta patch, but still, it needs to be reiterated that the port nerf is just excessive.

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