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The Empire Undivided Update - Master Feedback Thread



  • TeNoSkillTeNoSkill Registered Users Posts: 3,434
    edited September 2019

    A nice idea, but again RNG is really, REALLY annoying;
    I had Stirland offer me a non-aggression pact, but in the next turn they secceded and since the option was "declare war" I broke the non-aggression pact and since then was labelled "very unreliable".
    Also it is only marginally more impactful once war is declared. The seccessionists aren t trying to drag others to their cause nor is this impacting my Imperial authority with the other electors.


    - Have a few more options instead of just PAY to avoid seccession or seccession NOW. Like actually adressing the problem of the seccessionists (joining arms against the foe threatining them (with military access included), paying money to support the poor country or repay for insults, giving back a city from you or another county, giving them an army or smth else)
    commit to a plot like assasinating the elector and preventing the secession, but losing fealty with the other counties.

    -Once a seccession is started, the faction should be renamed the Empire seccessionists and try to pull other factions towards their side (by confederating or allieing) to force you to put the seccession down fast. Simulataniously, all electors that have their fealty dropped gradually the longer the seccession is ongoing.

  • TeNoSkillTeNoSkill Registered Users Posts: 3,434

    There is one problem with it tho, as this system drops significantly in entertainement value once all of the Empire is united.

    To address this, even your own appointed electors should have fealty levels (all but the faction leader) which you need to monitor and they should also be able to rebel against you when their fealty drops too low, reviving the original faction.
    Also reenforcement battles should still be happining, even if you only support your (technically) own settlement.

    The Electoral Machinations (aside from desperatly needing some actual diplomatic options to have relationsship for) should be changed into allowing you to to basically "buy" a random event, which may benefit you (or not).

    The part allowing you to influenceother factions diplomatic relations it should be expanded to all Human/Dwarf/High Elf factions, to gain some usefulness after the independent provinces are no more. Tho there should be a chance of detection with consequences, since humans are not masters of the court like High Elves


    Nice flavour additions, tho with exception of the Reikland and the Middenalnd runefang, none have magical attacks/increased post battle loot or public order.

    I would suggest adding at least magical attacks.
    Also "Stahlbergs letter", the Sylvanian item, looks a bit underwhelming; I´d suggest +4 extra leadership when fighting against VC.

  • TeNoSkillTeNoSkill Registered Users Posts: 3,434
    Tech-tree overhaul

    In general, it is an improvement to the previous system because of:

    - not all techs are locked to buildings
    - techs do apply on a broader scale through combination of some previous techs.

    Again tho, some of the techs are not really that impactfull

    Like "Technicusguild" ; reasearching a tech to research faster when the highest research time is 6 turns maximum???

    Or "Rifle barrels" and "Mounted weapons" ; giving 10/ missle dmg, which for most units is like 1-2 non-ap???

    Or researching improved relationsships with Helfs/Dwarves/other humans even tho your trust factor will be very bad because of the randomness of the elector system????

    Also (for flavour) researching a subsection of techs could provide smth; nothing particularly big, but like in TW Attila. Like when having researched all of the cavalry improvements you will recieve a small reduction to cav upkeep cost (like 5%).


    -The "Diplomacy squad" options for the order factions should make them available in the electorial machinations selection and give some prestige instead of mere improeved relationships.

    - "rifle barrels" could provide + 1-2 AP missle damage and a bit of precision (like +5%).

    - "Technicusguild" could grant like 300 income for Imperial academies

    - "Improved Armor" could grant physical resistance to be more impactful.

    - "Cojoined Spynetwork" could grant you sight through your allies agents.

    - A tech that grantsmore % on custom duties

    - techs that improve commandements

    a techgroup that focuses on supply and logistics.

    - One granting improved replenisment rate when in cities or encampement

    - one reducing the supply lines penalty

    - one improving movement range and reducing forced march vigour penalty, when starting in your own province

    - one reducing the camp stance required movement range aswell as + ammunition when in encampement

  • TeNoSkillTeNoSkill Registered Users Posts: 3,434
    PS: Why is the only way of getting rid of skaven undercities money and not just batteling them?
  • PaprikaMaisonPaprikaMaison Registered Users Posts: 87
    There are factions that shouldn't be able to skip the forts of the empire. I mean, the greenskins, Skavens and dwarves can. They go underground, that makes sense, but the bestmen??? And I'm pretty sure the wood elves would be able to do it too and they shouldn't.
  • PaprikaMaisonPaprikaMaison Registered Users Posts: 87
    This issue really bothers me. I'd like the units we unlock in the campaign of the empire to be unique and new units. With their own design and that can be recrutied as many times as I want like any other normal unit. I am quite dissappointed. You just gave us the same units with a reskin. I want to recruit the knights of Morr and I want them to have their own design. Also, in provinces like Hochland the specific unit would be one that is not added in the game yet, (hochland rifles) but I can wait until it is.
  • Jman5Jman5 Registered Users Posts: 1,170
    Skaven Under Empire detection:

    I can't tell if you have made the Skaven build more under empires, or if they were always this aggressive but I'm just detecting them more (that would be ominous...). However what I do know is that the Skaven AI's build logic is constantly putting them way over the detection limit. It would really improve the campaign if you made the AI smarter about spreading and staying under the limit because then you could give players some real fun surprises!

    Going forward I can't help but feel a little underwhelmed with the current clean-up system for dealing with under empires. It's just a gold sink and that's it. It would be a lot more fun if detection triggered an automatic battle with the local garrison. It would give Empire players a lot more early game combat with Skaven. I really hope you guys give this mechanic another look because it's such an amazing concept.
  • PretenderPretender Registered Users Posts: 30
    edited September 2019
    I think that Nakai's faction is working quite nicely right now, but I will add the following;

    1. He's just a little too cumbersome in the campaign map. That makes sense for a Horde faction normally, but because you're painting a lot of the map in his color, there will be a long strip in which Nakai simply has to wade through a lot of jungle to get to anything interesting, which catches any player in the bind of 'where do I want to commit myself to a conflict right now? Either I keep fighting where I am forever or I devote my next 5 turns wandering down south with potentially nothing on the other end'.

    2. Nakai's economy is more or less where it should be with two exceptions;
      a. Problem: Checking whether my vassals are ready to give me more money gets kind of a click-tax that fills up a lot of blank space. The only reason why it can be in that place right now is because Nakai doesn't do much for a long time. If Nakai gets changed where there's more to do turn by turn, we'd miss out on this. Solution: It would be great if the vassals just volunteered you more money by themselves, so you can be pleasantly surprised rather than frustrated by their constant refusal to give you stuff.
      b. Problem: Skink chiefs, even though they're granted by the Old Ones favors; they boost local economy, but that boost to local economy then gets filtered down by having to go through the the vassals back to you, meaning that their zone effect is 20% of what you would normally get. The benefit was already tiny to begin with. Solution: Changing this so that Nakai treats those economy boosts as upkeep reductions instead gives you a reason to keep the skink chiefs near your army and more of an incentive to go down the building tree for more skink chiefs and not go ham on technology all of the time.
    3. Right now, the Defenders get an aversion to great power for you specifically. I get this if the faction thinks this way about any other lizardmen faction, probably with the idea that those lizardmen factions aren't paying their dues to the great plan, but if anything, the Defenders should be happy that you are making them grow.

    4. Between Markus and Nakai, it feels like Markus gets the better deal in terms of having to be mindful of who he angers, like he has to plan his probing of the jungles a lot more than even other factions do, where he's basically a scapegoat for all the other factions' problems. (And as much as people don't like the United Against Us event, I feel like for Markus it makes sense, though perhaps he should have a different version, like 'Scapegoat of Lustria', where all surrounding factions think they see a soft target any single one of them could expand into.)

    Meanwhile, Nakai feels that pressure only because you have to fight someone to gain experience and favor. He doesn't necessarily get dragged into other lizardmen factions' messes, which feels like it goes against his theme.

    5. I plain don't like Nakai being forced to hunt down hunters. It just feels... Contrived. Here we have Khalida hunting down ancient tablets of power and having to fight armies that have stolen the ancient knowledge she needs to get what she needs. It's contrived, but I don't mind it being contrived. Nakai, though? I feel no buy-in to destroy the hunters specifically. Who are these nobodies that Nakai is trying to kill? Sure, they're all unique and they're all a bane to lizardmen, but there's skaven and undead and dark elves and whatever else stalking the forest that I want to kill just as much.

    With all that in mind, I think that my trouble with Nakai comes down to a central theme; Nakai should be a factor in every battle in Southern Lustria and a wild card, that can appear anywhere at any time to wreck house. As it stands, both on the receiving and the giving end, Lustria gets overwhelmed by Skaven in the South, in pretty much every campaign I'm in. Having Nakai not be dealing with that as either an NPC or a PC feels strange to me.

    Here's my bigger solution(s) for a rework;

    1. Solution to problem 1, Nakai not having a presence on more than one front; Spirit of the Jungle Favor. Nakai's Horde is fighting for the good of all lizardmen and the great plan. The very start of the campaign lists him as being summoned through a ritual. And I think this is excellent flavor for him that I don't actually see used in the real campaign mode. So here's my proposal; allow Nakai's personal army to teleport to the site of one of his agents at the cost of favor. You would be able to activate this as a favor like the rest of the other favors, except it requires no temples. This way, you have a way to jump between warfronts and assist the various lizardmen factions.

    2. Solution to 2a, 3 and 4; Disengaged Vassals; Nakai Vassal & Diplomacy overhaul. Nakai is a lone wolf and a bit of a wild card. It feels strange to me then that he has a very tame, uninteresting vassal system where he makes the lizardmen just... Boring. They shouldn't be. I love what Total War has done with the lizardmen a lot, particularly how each temple city is allowed to have different diplomatic relations with outside forces. Nakai ought to be in the middle of the Total War version of lizardmen politics; it should feel like herding cats.
      a. First, there should be a way for the lizardmen factions of Lustria to acquire Nakai's various temple cities without going to war with him. This could be through Nakai being a good guy steve and being able to found cities in name of the other factions he's in diplomatic relations with.

      b. Alternatively, Nakai should be able to trade his vassal's regions to other lizardmen factions to gain favor or tribute.

      c & d. Rather than acquiring passive income through his vassals, Nakai should be able to demand tribute from other factions who are in defensive alliances with him, but only them (so only if you agree to let yourself be dragged into other conflicts can you get their tribute, risking far more wars and thus more interactions). There should be incentive for Nakai to be at war with many other factions at once and getting regular tribute to be their ace in the hole would be a great way of showing this off, particularly when their defensive alliances puts you in awkward positions (such as lizardmen factions going to war with each other). Combined with his main Horde's ability to move rapidly from one front to another, this would allow him to maintain many different warfronts at once.
    3. Solution 5; Rotating Targets. Nakai is fighting way more than just Markus' goons, so it feels weird that, after you take down the hunters, there's not much more to do. Instead, I feel it should be more like the Tomb Kings objectives, where some targets are set, but others are randomized. Instead of fighting just Markus' hunters, you should be fighting skaven, pirates, tomb kings, beastmen, etc. etc. Give him way more variation in his targets.
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  • PretenderPretender Registered Users Posts: 30
    edited September 2019
    EDIT: My previous post ended up being deleted somehow, so I tried to make an abbreviated version of my original post. I'll leave this up, in case this words things better;

    Here's some of the problems I've found for Nakai.

    1. Moving from front to front shouldn't be boring, but unfortunately, due to how Nakai plays, you should be painting your territory in the colors of your vassal, whom in turn doesn't do much except sit still.
    2. The economy is, in my opinion, close to what it should be in terms of how much you get, but it isn't very interesting right now and there's some minor issues to solve.

    Here are my solutions;
    1. Nakai's vassal regions should be up for trade with other lizardmen factions and giving your regions back to them is what should be a big part of Nakai's overall experience. That adds a lot more interest to the diplomatic landscape of Lustria as you're trying to support each faction's interests. Perhaps you accrue penalties for favoring one faction over another. To show this, spawn Nakai closer to Tlaxtlan and have him take one of the ruins there to give back Tlaxtlan. The only difference is that each temple city you build this way becomes dedicated to one of the three deities as it is right now.

    2. Your source of income shouldn't just be your background income and then peanuts from your vassals. Instead, I think that you should have to work with the existing lizardmen factions to be sponsored. The way I envision this working is that, when you enter a defensive alliance with another lizardmen faction, you unlock new diplomacy options that allow you to demand tribute and trade regions of your vassals to that faction.

    3. This also means that Nakai will be prompted to engage with a lot more wars and because your means of income comes from being in at the very least in a defensive relationship, you don't want to anger your allies by not joining wars they (foolishly) declare. To help with managing this 'herding cats' problem that the other lizardmen are getting you into, Nakai should have a favor that requires no temples to use; letting you teleport to the site of one of your agents instantly across the map. This is something only Nakai's army can do, so the way you would go about this is that you'd buy yourself a new lord to hold the line in one area, then you use the Spirit of the Jungle favor to port to a new frontline to get yourself established there. This will give you a lot more to do.

    One pet peeve; Skink chiefs have a zone effect that lets them increase income. Well, Nakai doesn't have an income in that way, so Nakai's skink chiefs should instead reduce your upkeep by some amount. This zone effect was already peanuts in other lizardmen factions, but for Nakai in particular, it just gives you 20% of even that, which doesn't seem like it's working as intended.
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  • TropicdragonTropicdragon Registered Users Posts: 101
    Question why did you remove the option for the empire to form military/defensive alliance with other empire factions and why remove the option to request join war / offer to join their war with other empire factions?
  • SarenkorSarenkor Registered Users Posts: 5
    Bring back all diplomacy options including confederation and this I believe would work much better alongside the random Elector events. Currently there is so little impact to be had by the player in diplomacy it is infuriating. All new systems are good but the removal of the old diplomatic options is really limiting in implementing any of your own objectives and just leaves you at the whim of generated random events which are just boring to wait for. Limiting options rather than giving more is just so poor especially compared to expanded 3K diplomacy.
  • Kaien294Kaien294 Registered Users Posts: 3
    Tbh my big problem with the Update so far are a few notable bugs and just purely irrational missed fixes. Not to mention the obvious lack of encouragement...

    For example...
    • In the former 'Reikland Runefang' quest, there is very little flavour text, there's also an issue wherein the tip box on ME will display the quest reward as 'The Reikland Runefang' and not Beastslayer
    • In some cases, interventions will still charge you for the instant response army that you summon for the remainder of the turn, for example if I summon a half-stack army to defend Middenland, I'll be billed in my treasury as if I still have that army for the turn.
    I also agree that the lack of normal diplomacy options is very frustrating. If they have to be like this, then you should at least be automatically allied with the elector counts, perhaps adding another layer wherein they may go to wars that pull you in automatically.

    The fact that fealty level can be above '0' when a secession begins is silly. Especially since maintaining or gaining fealty feels so RNG atm, it should be hard, but you should have ways to gain it simply, such as by fighting their enemies on their territory. It's also incredibly annoying, as I'm sure someone has mentioned, that you only get a 1 bonus despite being a 'trusted friend', meaning you can be the closest buds one minute, and then at each other's throats.

    There's also no immediate connection to the New World Colonies or Hunstmarshal's expeditions, which would provide much needed income if you only have Reikland in the beginning.

    Elves continue to be douches, and for no reason, one turn laurelorn asked for a non-aggression pact, then broke it the next. And then about five turns later proposes peace. There was no real reason for war, no enjoyable battles, and no reason for me to occupy something that will just bring Mel Gibson down on my head again.

    I still think having to Confederate is a mistake, I think if you're going this far you should have a custom system where you actually control Elector counts who accede to your authority as subfactions, thus reducing the economic strain and giving them some degree of autonomy like in the lore. Or failing that, have them provide you with their unique units and perhaps their Elector counts as heroes.
  • AntermosiphAntermosiph Registered Users Posts: 2
    This is off topic of the empire itself, but one of the factions influenced by the empire changes. Kemmler's start was made WAY harder by the empire changes. He's sealed off from his starting province by a fort that you can't really siege with zombies and skeletons. Atop of that the fort requires declaring war on its owner, which gives you another target on your head that you used to be able to ignore.
  • Kaien294Kaien294 Registered Users Posts: 3
    Additional issues, and this one is something that CA really, really should've caught.

    You still receive missions asking you to form a defensive or military alliance with Imperial Provinces. This is, to be blunt, something that should've been caught during playtesting. I'm assuming it's part of the generic mission generator for different race factions, but if it was this difficult to stop it from happening then it raises the question of why there's so much seemingly superflous stuff in the Empire patch anyway.
  • juniorboombaughjuniorboombaugh Registered Users Posts: 3
    Playing as Karl Franz everything was working until aroung turn 70. I was offered confederation of one of the elector counts as they reached 10 on the fealty scale. I declined as I didn't want spend imperial authority. After this point none of the update mechanics would fire anymore. I can still see the fealty level and the map of elector counts but none of the dilemmas pop up anymore and even though a few empire factions are at 10 fealty they dont send the request anymore.

    Besides that couldn't be happier.
  • TeNoSkillTeNoSkill Registered Users Posts: 3,434
    Also the Empire fortresses are cities, so it would be nice to have 1 building slot.
  • SeidmadrSeidmadr Registered Users Posts: 1
    I've got a minor Empire-related error here.

    I got a mission to form an Alliance with an Elector, which is impossible under the new rule system. So it's a mission which I can't take.

    Not the biggest issue, but I feel it shouldn't pop up.

  • CrossilCrossil Registered Users Posts: 9,958
    edited September 2019
    Gelt uses generic Empire General diplomacy voicelines when being interacted with Wood Elves and High Elves, at least. Probably with some other factions as well but these are the ones tested at the moment.


  • Nitram26Nitram26 Registered Users Posts: 2

    I have encountered the following bugs repeatedly in my unmodded empire playthroughs on legendary difficulty.

    When hovering over the fealty seal to list all the individual modifiers the numbers often do not add up because its shows either the high opinion modifier or the positive imperial authority modifier of another faction that got an increase in either of those this round. Nothing severe but annoying.

    When the event for an elector count to succeed pops up and you choose to go to war with him nothing happens except a -1 authority loss you not at war with the count as the tooltip would suggest.

    When you reload the save file of a legendary save, saved at the beginning of your turn and a new imperial event like one of the above or for example a confederation event had popped up at the beginning of said turn you don’t get it again and also not next round which is really annoying if you stopped after confederating someone and forgot to save again by initiating battle or ending the round also can be abused to skip unfavourable events.

    Have a good day
  • TheOooooooooooldOneTheOooooooooooldOne Member Registered Users Posts: 76
    Region Line of Sight Changes should be a toggle option, not just how it is. Flat out killed the game for me
  • SakuraHeinzSakuraHeinz Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,978
    I played multiple factions that use corruption mechanics and since the update rebel armys are too weak to defeat settlements no matter the size or if they have a garrison building.

    You just see them get the rebellion and next turn they have military crackdown bonus because the rebel army sucided into them, I noticed this for Chaos and undead rebels, please fix this because it makes coruption completely useless again.

    The next fail is the smaller line of sight it literally makes you suicide by not seeing enemy armies and you dont have a agent left to stand around everywhere.
  • ZercaZerca Registered Users Posts: 89
    In eye of the vortex Campaign:
    Markus relation to the highelves is quite broken. I tried to form some alliances with teclis, but he completely ignored any diplomatic approach of me. I had a Trading agreement at some point, but for someone who established the magic school of Altdorf and is overall very cool with Humans, Teclis behaved like a arogant bitch. ... Finally I needed to crush his whole Empire which felt kind of odd... never used Hellstorms against Seaguards, felt kind of cool, since the AI just bunched together, and I killed one quarter of his whole army with a single rocket salve, but well, this kind of getting closer was much more bloodier than expected. The interesting thing was, Tyrion just didn't care either. I literally killed his brother, but also didn't responded to any diplomatic approach or declared war on me. He wasn't even very sad about his lost. We conquered all of Nagarond together, but did not had any agreement beside a trade agreement. At the moment I exploited the "join war" bug, destroy his best buddy khemri, and he still does not do anything. It is funny that at one point I was thinking to side with Luther Harkon, since atleast he responded to some requests of mine. I formed strong bounds with minor factions, which actually helped me from time to time(send troops to help me conquer stuff). I do not know what is wrong with the AI.

    The Campaign goals are also a complete mess. After the Nakai story, Wulfharts campaign feels so empty. CA lost a lot of opportunities, and set the wrong goals at the end. Possible, the relation to the high elves is that broken , because Markus needs to kill them in the end? While I agree with the destruction of the Dark elves, wouldn't it make much more sense, if he starts to plunder Tomb King temples after he is done with the beasts? Also beside some hints for the campaign the vampire coast factions, were only some sidenote, and it would make sense that Markus also wants to destroy any pirate influence. So instead of destroying all elven factions, I would really like to see some twist for the end game for him. the Tomb king factions or vampire pirates might get an agression and money bonus, so they start to become a lot bigger thread than they are at first, and Markus needs to face them.

    Supplies of the electorcounts:
    The dilemma mechanics are interesting, since Wulfharts gets these new elector count units. Still I am missing some kind of system within this mechanic. I would like to see something like Norsca were Markus can win the favor of some elector counts, but increasing one too much, will ultimately cost the favor of others. The favor levels allow upgrades for your armies and ultimately grand you special weapons, new units, and extra supplies from time to time, but now in a more controlable fashion were the dilemmas might not only give you some disadvantage but also might decrease the favor to the electorcounts.

    Beside that, it was a very cool and refreshing expierence to play at the "old" Vortex campaign and actually I had some very cool moments within the campaign so far, but i need to prepare the hellstorm rockets for Tyrion now.

    I had this weird Felix and Gotrek bug, If you got them in your game, and you do not possess the DLC of the Whitedwarf, you might screw your savegame. This was the farest most annoying bug. (Quick save ctrl + s ) might help save your day :)

    I did not get the winning screen for finishing the short campaign.

  • TeNoSkillTeNoSkill Registered Users Posts: 3,434
    After turn 70 or so it simply stops to offer me dilemmas/confederations;

  • ArindonArindon Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 219
    The game crashes a lot when battle is done and campaign map is supposed to load, which means I have to refight the battle.
  • tyrianestyrianes Registered Users Posts: 2
    Hey, as much as i like this game (very complete and lore rich). There's an aspect that bug me alot, its the fact that settlements after razing them and build them back= they look like original.. Its immersion breaking especially for races like wood elves or elves in general when they live in greenskins camps. It should be that a town that is rased should be built back with the occupiers culture and a occupied town may keep its old owners building. Tw warhammer 1 mechanics were better on this aspect. Its a community requested feature since 2017. Thank you
  • Aquila14Aquila14 Registered Users Posts: 1
    Could you at some point create a Drakwald province, which would allow you to have a Elector Count for it as the Empire? It seems weird that Solland was created as a province with an Empire Faction (Golden Order), yet there is nothing for the other destroyed Empire province, which even has a runefang in the game already. Maybe a new Empire Faction can be set up there led by Volkmar, or a new Legendary Lord; though I would be happy if its ruins where some beastmen start, which you can take.
  • xXAlduin99xXAlduin99 Registered Users Posts: 140
    tyrianes said:

    Hey, as much as i like this game (very complete and lore rich). There's an aspect that bug me alot, its the fact that settlements after razing them and build them back= they look like original.. Its immersion breaking especially for races like wood elves or elves in general when they live in greenskins camps. It should be that a town that is rased should be built back with the occupiers culture and a occupied town may keep its old owners building. Tw warhammer 1 mechanics were better on this aspect. Its a community requested feature since 2017. Thank you

    agreed, it's not satisfying to see, for example, Bretonnia rebuild Mousillon with vampire architecture
  • RachelleRachelle Registered Users Posts: 1
    When you don't own the new DLC you apparently can't upgrade forts beyond lvl2 (or 3), but the "settlement upgrade available" still shows up for them. That means that at some point I have 3 notifications that I can't get rid of, making the settlement upgrade notification quite useless overall.
  • keirbotkeirbot Registered Users Posts: 1
    I hope this is the right place to post this.

    Just played an Empire campaign of about 120 turns with the new update and my take away is this:

    - Despite having full fealty of the remaining elector counts - they will not accept war coordination targets, they will not reinforce you in a battle (even if an enemy army is outside their city) and your troops will not replenish in their territories.

    - Offers of confederation came through about 5 times over 120 turns - and only from two provinces.

    - Elector Count armies will rarely leave their cities to prosecute wars on enemies - even if they are occupying a city in their province, or are slowly losing territory to an enemy faction.

    - As there is no mechanic to manually offer confederation, or generate excess imperial authority, imperial factions will often be taken over by enemies with no option to assist, confederate, ally, etc.

    - With no option to generate more than +1 imperial authority (that was my max imperial authority without accepting confederation) , taking over imperial provinces can really only be done by going to war - which gives you negative imperial authority.

    Anyway - possible that I was doing something wrong. But it felt like I was hamstrung playing the faction the entire time.

  • legendarnuilegendarnui Registered Users Posts: 2
    playing for the empire Karl Franz.
    Got a quest to enter into a military or defensive alliance with Ostermark.
    But this option is not available on the diplomaty screen.

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