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What do you think is the nerdiest (highest research rate) faction in a Total War game?

TechnopeTechnope Registered Users Posts: 1
I'm throwing my hat in for Egypt in Rome II. They get a base 20% research rate as well as being able to build the Library of Alexandria right in their capital. What are your picks, across the entire franchise? I love to play high research rate, so this is half curiosity, half inspiration for my next campaign.


  • nodulousnodulous Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 917
    I quite like the research system in Empire. Any town can have schools. Cities have observatories that aid research and help raise scholars. The scholars specialise and can be assembled in teams in schools to research different subjects. You can get a real nerdfest going to help you slaughter the rest of the world.
  • Aventus_MaximusAventus_Maximus Registered Users Posts: 352
    Most nerdiest…. Look pal …. its either skaven or naught and the favor is more into naught them skaven ….


    Nerds in wargames play wite or some other calculus kind of shizzle you know …

    total war and nerds...

    In MP i presume ..

    Running at each other screaming like fish wives based on force loss ratio's …


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