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In ProgressMultiplayer Campaign Load Bug



  • DevainDevain Posts: 6Registered Users
    edited September 2019
    "Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting SEGA Customer Support.

    Unfortunately we don't have a timeframe for a fix yet.

    Best Regards,

    SEGA Customer Supporear Customer"

    That was the support answer for a potential time frame
  • kamisiokamisio Posts: 1Registered Users
    I wonder if anyone in CA even tested coop campaign before releasing new DLC
  • Man_O_War_69Man_O_War_69 Posts: 2Registered Users
    Asked guys on CA live stream and they said it is being fixed late next week so they are aware. by Sigmar's will may this be true fore this game is so good online.
  • Nuke556Nuke556 Posts: 33Registered Users
    edited September 2019

    Asked guys on CA live stream and they said it is being fixed late next week so they are aware. by Sigmar's will may this be true fore this game is so good online.

    That will make it a month it's unplayable for some people. Hope they have an explanation
  • WaranthilWaranthil Posts: 3Registered Users
    Lmfao its still not fixed, tragic. Any updates for you guys? Anyone found a solution? That doesnt involve reverting to last patch?
  • Aleks133Aleks133 Posts: 4Registered Users
    15 Days and no patch for game-breaking bug that makes player unable to play co-op campaign.

    And no response from dev's themselves.

    W H A T
  • pantera1333pantera1333 Posts: 2Registered Users
    I hope they will fix it soon. Even mod dev teams like radious give us faster hotfixes.
  • serbancristian1995serbancristian1995 Posts: 1Registered Users
    This is getting ridiculous. Paid to lose value from a game. I love co-op and paying for the dlc removed this functionality. At least a fair warning about this issue in the description of the dlc would have been appreciated. Plus, I wonder how is it possible to not find this major bug in testing.
  • Venom21Venom21 Posts: 3Registered Users
    Presque 3semaines et toujours pas de patch... serieux CA vous foutez quoi ? On doit attendre Warhammer 3 pour espère une coop ?
  • FuryhunterFuryhunter Posts: 1Registered Users
    Just wonder if anyone can play it "Multi" just now ? It must be a difficult problem when they need all this time.
  • KirashioKirashio Posts: 11Registered Users
    I posted in the general forums a few days ago to see if the bug was happening for everyone or not.
    Turns out some people are able to play, load and rehost their post-patch coop games with no issues.

    Points to this being some kind of wierd system interaction, maybe with certain OSs or something.
  • kdog7kdog7 Posts: 1Registered Users
    Holy **** 2 weeks down the line form this game breaking bug and still no fix. Do CA even test their games? CA please **** fix this for the love of god.
  • CartheCarthe Posts: 1Registered Users
    At first we thought it's because I've played Beastmen, but now we cannot load any game when my friend is playing an Empire. So the bug is still there
  • Mopar228Mopar228 Posts: 12Registered Users
    I've had the same issue since the new update I tried to revert back but I cant why the **** is it taking so long I paid 60 god damn dollars just to play with my brother in Korea and they **** that up to
  • HausseO815HausseO815 Posts: 10Registered Users
    Hey CA, funny update here.
    Today me and my friend completly redownloaded the game.
    Since his internet is faster, he was finished before me and tried to start a campaign with some random dude. (hunter-beta version).
    And it worked, he has a hunter beta savegame that is playable.
    However, when the both of us started a campaign, we had the same old problem again.
    So, whatever the problem might be, it has to do with my system.
  • Venom21Venom21 Posts: 3Registered Users
    Quelqu'un a des infos sur un éventuelle patch ou correctifs ?
  • Mopar228Mopar228 Posts: 12Registered Users
    Venom 21 they stated they would try to have a fix by the end of the. Week but the weeks over so i dont know what's going on
  • Venom21Venom21 Posts: 3Registered Users
    Merci Mopar228 j'espère que sa sera réglé
  • OrphanSmasherOrphanSmasher Posts: 1Registered Users
    Friend just bought the game since he was interested in it for a while, we go to play and get about 5 hours of play time in, save game for the night, and come back the next day excited to spread Skaven corruption. Then this incredible horseshit happens. Shame on you CA for not only having not kept your consumers up to date on your progress in fixing this mess, but also keeping the game a full price while you damned well know your game in unplayable. Don't give me the "revert to public beta to play", because that doesn't work. If that were the solution, you should hotfix revert the whole game back so your customers can play, and you can take your sweet time fixing your ****-up.
  • oebelyskoebelysk Posts: 1Registered Users
    Jesus Christ it's been two **** weeks I paid good money for this **** I expect it to work AFTER TWO WEEKS
  • Nuke556Nuke556 Posts: 33Registered Users
    Mopar228 said:

    Venom 21 they stated they would try to have a fix by the end of the. Week but the weeks over so i dont know what's going on

    Late next week, not this one. from an earlier post. Knowing my luck that means Sunday...
  • JannibalJannibal Posts: 1Registered Users
    We have the same problem here...
  • Roman556Roman556 Junior Member Posts: 4Registered Users
    Adding my voice to this. Have the same problem. Only play the game in Multiplayer co-op and it has rendered the game unplayable.
  • Springer666Springer666 Posts: 1Registered Users
    Same problem here. A friend of mine bouhgt the game only because of the coop mode. We need this fix and it is far to long now.
  • DevilgeekDevilgeek Posts: 8Registered Users
    While putting the game into public_beta doesn't actually fix the issue for the current save files, it does allow you to play, save and relaunch new save files created after opting into the beta.

    Sure, it's not a fix and really shouldn't be a thing to begin with, but it at least allows us to play co-op games while waiting for the fix. Some people may be completely against it, and it's fine. But if you just got the game to play with someone else, then you can revert it back to 1.6.1 (or whatever the public_beta version is), start a new game, and play your heart out.

    I can't say anything about what will happen when they do actually patch it, but in the meantime, it's better than not playing (at least in my book).
  • skillboom2skillboom2 Posts: 1Registered Users
    I have the same problem, have been for two weeks :(
  • RubyRedLikeRosesRubyRedLikeRoses Posts: 2Registered Users
    edited September 2019
    welp its the 30th and I am also suffering from this bug cant even play more than 3 turns, makes this really frustrating and game breaking
  • Mopar228Mopar228 Posts: 12Registered Users
    about 5 more days and its been broken for a whole month and its painfully clear CA doesent give a **** about a game there still selling for 60 dollars plus 76 dollars of dlc. at least when ea milks people for money you can still use the **** skin or game or any-other **** you pay them for. bethesda may have broken **** games but modding community can fix it give the goddamn modders a chance to fix it and ittl be done with in a week
  • CA_NateCA_Nate Creative Assembly Posts: 1,036Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff
    Hi all,

    So I just want to communicate out that we have not forgotten about this issue and our Dev team have been working on a fix for the MP issue.

    Kind Regards,

    Forum Terms & Conditions

    Formal disclaimer: any views or opinions expressed here are those of the poster and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of The Creative Assembly or SEGA.
  • Angrykid1990Angrykid1990 Posts: 11Registered Users
    Although it's late I'm happy theres finally another response. I just hope we aren't waiting to much longer, although my bet would be when they release gotrex for free. What a shame for all those that haven't been able to play since buying the stupid magazine for it,

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