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In ProgressMultiplayer Campaign Load Bug



  • Mopar228Mopar228 Posts: 12Registered Users
    they have had a goddamn month to fix it at this point only way i wouldnt be mad is if it is a goddamn masterpeice no bugs no lag and makes my pc **** gold anything less is lazy ****
  • Sebi5381Sebi5381 Posts: 3Registered Users

    review bombing is only likely to take resources away from another projects team. keep in mind this game has alot of content, and a bug like this could be caused by alot of different things intermingling with one another in weird ways. they may have to untangle a vast web of knots to even find the bug.

    i would hope that they took resources from other teams to fix the problem the day they figured out it was a serious one.
    This bug makes a part of the game unplayable, which should make it top priority for all peple who can help to solve it.

    And to be honest, IF review bombing is going to be counter productive, someone from CA could tell us, explain why that is and why we should not do it. But since it fells like nobody gives a ---- about it i do the same.

    And i say it again: Its not about the bug that might be very complicated and time consuming to solve. Its about the communication with customers why i am mad about them.
  • ClaudeLeMoldaveClaudeLeMoldave Posts: 3Registered Users
    Problem is that CA_Nate is present on the forum, and not giving any infos on a bug that seems to impact quite a lot of people (few steam posts, reddit post, already review-bombed...).

    This DLC is also a huge waste of ressource if it forces you to just not play with it (and quite the crashes with that public beta)... Can't they just revert that update until it's truly ready to be launched?
  • Mopar228Mopar228 Posts: 12Registered Users
    Creative assembly aint gonna fix it i honestly belive its gonna be up to the community to fix their bs. there is a new tw game out so they dont care but they will still charge 60 dollars for a broken product
  • Evan21996Evan21996 Posts: 1Registered Users
    Still no updates or dev posts? A month later and this is still barely acknowledged, for £100+ of content this is absolutely unacceptable. I totally understand that problems occur in making games and dlc on such a scale, but to have next to no official response apart from copy and paste **** is unbelievable, just say something about it!
  • Gunnar001Gunnar001 Posts: 2Registered Users
    Weeks later and still no fix or communication for a prominent game breaking bug effecting tons of paying customers. You'd think they would actually test these updates before just sh*tting them out in the first place. The incompetence is astounding.
  • TypTyp Posts: 8Registered Users
    I completely agree Evan221996

    This cant be such a big issue to fix and the lack of communication makes me think thats there is something really dumb keeping them from patching it.
  • Nuke556Nuke556 Posts: 33Registered Users
    Next announcement will be they're removing co op
  • RuberuRuberu Posts: 1Registered Users
    edited October 7
    This is absurd, this problem is over a month old with no fix and nothing from CA... My friends and I didn’t spend over $100 for a multiplayer game and DLCs just to not be able to play it together anymore. I completely understand that bugs happen but ignoring your player base is outrageous.
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  • UnhappyrefrainUnhappyrefrain Posts: 1Registered Users
    Meet the same bug today, I am so unhappy about this for I recommend this game to my friend and send a copy to him as a gift, but we could not load our save after we play for 2 days, we load it once but it falis to load again.
    This may cause you lose 2 player at one time,please fix it.
  • Roman556Roman556 Junior Member Posts: 4Registered Users

    They posted this on their facebook page this morning.
  • TypTyp Posts: 8Registered Users
    Oh nice.
    Beta fix. When is the beta fix for the beta fix?
  • zaalymondiaszaalymondias Posts: 1Registered Users
    anyone know if it got fixed?
  • TypTyp Posts: 8Registered Users
    It didnt. The facebook chat is from today man
  • Nuke556Nuke556 Posts: 33Registered Users
    edited October 7
    Looks like the mods are reading some posts even if it's just the ones white knights are reporting....
  • Faust843Faust843 Posts: 1Registered Users
    It seems that it has to do something with DLCs, because if you disable all the DLCs this bug is not reproducing. However without DLCs game is too empty for me to play
  • pantera1333pantera1333 Posts: 2Registered Users
    By Sigmar, this issue takes longer then taking out Grimgor Ironhide. Hopefully they will patch it soon, atleast give us regular updates. We would like to know where we stand and what the progress is.
  • Turok36Turok36 Posts: 1Registered Users
    Come on guys pls, do I have to mention you on Twitter to get you doing your JOB ?
  • Enterprise92Enterprise92 Posts: 2Registered Users
    The most fun i get from playing Total war games is from doing multiplayer campaings. Ive got a few campains over one hundred turns in and now this...

    Ive found someone new who loves the game and we wanted to play a campain together... but no... hours wasted just because we cant load the game up again...

    Simply disappointing!

  • NopoqoNopoqo Posts: 2Registered Users
    Hello, same problem here, happy to know i'm not alone with my friend
  • DeesterDeester Posts: 9Registered Users
    edited October 9
    We have just put a beta hotfix live for WARHAMMER II. This addresses the below issue:

    • The multiplayer save game issue

    additional: That was from a face book post by Total war, its now gone. :o
  • thephenixthephenix Posts: 6Registered Users
    edited October 9
    Deester said:

    additional: That was from a face book post by Total war, its now gone. :o

    so its not fixed?
  • Mopar228Mopar228 Posts: 12Registered Users
    edited October 9
    oh wow you fixed it nah were just joking
    Post edited by BillyRuffian on
  • DeesterDeester Posts: 9Registered Users
    edited October 9
    Downloaded the beta, will try later when coop partner gets on, I suspect it was a prepped post sent out to early.
    Contained a number of fixes and changes. Probably explains the wait, send them all out together.
  • TypTyp Posts: 8Registered Users
    Deester what post?
  • TypTyp Posts: 8Registered Users
    They released a patch?
  • DeesterDeester Posts: 9Registered Users
    Typ - I caught a facebook post which was rapidly taken down with public beta patch notes including a fix for coop. I have tried it with a friend and doesn't yet work. So i surmise that there is a beta patch coming soon to test but isn't released yet, and a facebook post went out early/by mistake that I happened to catch right at that moment.
  • TypTyp Posts: 8Registered Users
    Oh ok thanks!
  • Nuke556Nuke556 Posts: 33Registered Users
    I don't know how many more ways I can Express how disappointing and frustrating this is without getting smashed by the ban-hammer..
  • BillyRuffianBillyRuffian Moderator UKPosts: 36,065Registered Users, Moderators, Knights

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