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The empire tech tree

playmakerplaymaker MemberRegistered Users Posts: 113
I find out that new tech tree actually nerf the bonus for Empire cavalry and artillery. The previous tech tree gives Empire melee cav 5 melee attack and defence, 5 morale and armor, 5% speed, 10% weapon strength, 10 charge, and vigour loss reduction. The new tech tree gives cavalry 10% less weapon strength, 5% less speed and 1 less melee attack and defence. Firing Drills previously provide 20% ammunition and 15% reload time reduction for artillery and now it is only 8% reload time reduction. Some may say Empire is given new techs that target certain races in return, but they won't work against all races.
If you compare Empire's tech tree to Bretonnia's, Bretonnia is obviously the winner. I thought the patch was supposed to enhance empire not nerf it.


  • ASyrianASyrian Registered Users Posts: 284
    Empire players never make their peace it seems....
    Didnt u get something in return like better court bonus or techs earlier ingame bc they dismissed the building requirements?
  • HelhoundHelhound Registered Users Posts: 4,190
    12 legendary weapons and elector seats that drastically affect lords and provinces.

    The only thing that got nerfed about the Empire is rushing down the other Elector Counts is no longer a good idea. Gotta play that diplomacy. Which, btw, got a massive buff in function.
  • KN_GarsKN_Gars Registered Users Posts: 325
    The odd thing is that it is only the Empire that had things taken away for their update. Sure the Tech is available earlier but it is not as good in a number of instances, some tech has been outright removed and a good part of the new tech is behind a pretty massive paywall. (And the port nerf just robbed the Empire of it's best economical assests, the Reikland-Marienburg combo)

    Compare this with the Skaven who not only got the mad science tech from Ikit's lab but also the under-empire which solved every problem the skaven had in addition to letting them nuke the planet at will.

    And the update didn't even touch some of the out of date parts of the Empire, Empire lords have weak faction & lord bonuses compared to most Warhammer 2 lords. For example their global upkeep reductions have much more limited impact on the compared to the massive 50% reductions for a single army that is typical of TWH2 races. It only takes a few additional armies to completely remove the benefit of for example Karl-Franz bonus because the supply line rule increases upkeep for all units.

    And speaking of Karl-Franz he has probably the worst lord bonus on the game, a single +8 to leadership. Every one of his subordinates have more and better bonuses. He is barely better than the best generic lords.
  • RikRiorikRikRiorik Registered Users Posts: 9,437
    I’m more disappointed in the relative lack of the need to boost research rate. Because everything can be finished almost before you manage to get your research rate boosted enough for it to matter.
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  • Ares354Ares354 Registered Users Posts: 3,699
    Well no changes to LL are even worse then tech tre changes.
  • Elder_MolochElder_Moloch Registered Users Posts: 1,799
    Sorry, I didn't look at it so far, but could you specify:
    - New Techs for Empire debuff Empire troops
    - New Techs for Empire provide less buffs for Empire troops

    If 1st - then it's probably a bug.
    If 2d - then it's part of balance, since Empire got a lot of new tools apart from Tech Tree; new Tech Tree includes 46 Techs, while previous only 33 and if I understand it correctly curent one doesn't need buildings anymore.

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