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Me and the person I am playing with cannot Resume as Host

cow_walkingcow_walking Registered Users Posts: 3

Me and the person I am playing with can "Host Compaign" and join each other just fine. The problem occurs when we try to "Resume as Host" to get back into said campaign, the following happens and the game cannot be joined by the other person: (picture 1).
Afterward, when we "Return to main menu" and try to "Resume as Host" again, the following happens: (picture 2).

It is worth noting that we only play in local network, but the same happens when we try to resume it online.
We do not have any mods installed, we play exclusively vanilla.
This problem has been occurring since the latest update dropped and we cannot resume any old or new save files.
When we try to "Start Campaign" on the screen represented in picture 1, the game crashes.

Thank you in advance for the help!


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