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Dread saurian feedback!

Deep_echo_soundDeep_echo_sound Registered Users Posts: 472
As was pointed more than a week ago, for that huge cost of dread saurians, they are very underwhelming!
On top of that, someone did horrible design choice to make them have caps in campaign!
As we see from other users too, you implemented caps on units that are actually weaker than existing one in the game and unrestricted!!
In just stupid direct fight, where star dragon uses no breath attacks, no speed and mobility advantage that he has on real battlefield, he still wins vs super apex predator with tons of downsides.
Star dragon has astronomically better value for the cost!
Lenn said:

I just tested and Feral Dread Saurian actual loses to Star Dragon in a vacuum 1 v 1 fight. I didn't even use the Star Dragon's breath attack, just let it get the first strike on charge. I tested 3 times and Star Dragon won all 3, The closest fight ended with Star Dragon hp at 909, In the other 2 fight the Star Dragon won with between 1/4 or 1/3 health. If I do more test Dread Saurian will probably win a few fights but right now I am inclined to say the Star Dragon has the clear upper hand, even without dragon breath. It would seem that superior MA/MD and leadership in this case beats raw health and damage.

I suppose this makes some sense though. Star Dragons are the eldest and most powerful of dragons, it is reasonable that the mightiest of dragonkind would not fall to a feral lizard like the rest of the species.

Campaign cap on dread saurians must be removed. They are not tomb kings! Every unit needs 3200 gold to field and, at least 800 gold cost per turn to support.
With caps, you act like this pro-caps fans, that never tell you that you actually have to pay for your units!
Horrible game design choice number 1!

Feral dread saurian is much worse than star dragon.
Star dragon has many huge advantages!
Dragon flies! With 80 speed. Gets free positions for charging in the back he wants. Because of this mobility, he gets best "terror injection" options. While dread saurian has huge basic movement and attack problems.
Dragon has breaths, much smaller hit box and 10% more missile resistance on top.
And, for dessert - breath attacks that can easily utterly, killing models, delete 1/4 of elite infantry unit. Even with really situational fast and bad positioning. With good positioning - that will be at least half of a unit. And he has 3 charges.

Star dragon is fine. Dread saurians are in great problems.
C.A. never listens to obvious words. The need +4 attack, +4 defense, +10% or so more hit point, and, may be, +5% or +10% missile resistance. And, I repeat, +200 gold cost for feral variant. He must be stronger but more costly than star dragon.
And very important - fixing his pathing. Maybe with a mass increase, or with a little smaller width for hit box and collision. So he can push cavalry from the way, when he moves to other destination.
Huge weakness of dread saurian for 3200 gold is horrible game design number 2.
Ultimate unit with ultimate cost? Make it have ultimate power balanced for that cost!

All caps for regular units must be removed from the game or be optional.
Make that option for units caps in campaign if you like so. Do not force it on all millions of customers. Big part of whom very unhappy with this new double standard policy. On streams, you say: "sandbox", "no caps". But, then you force them to all.


  • mightygloinmightygloin Karaz-a-KarakRegistered Users Posts: 3,624
    Nah caps are great, you can expand it with more buildings. However agree that Dread Saurians feel a bit fragile for their cost and rarity.
  • cans4852cans4852 Registered Users Posts: 92
    I aggree that caps are very nice to have especially in endgame and to keep all units a viable option during that phase. And i would like to have the option to turn on cap for all units.

    But I do agree with the need for rebalancing the saurians they seem very fragile indeed, maybe they need some physical resistance idk.

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