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Empire State Troops Beards bugged

Build: 1.7.0

Detailed description of your issue: The Beards of the Empire State Troops, such as Swordsmen, Spearmen, halberdiers, Crossbowmen, etc. are bugged, there should be a variation of beard colors spread throughout the units, but instead they all have the same beard color, Blonde/white. This issue has only appeared with the Empire Undivided patch.

Reproduction steps: Play any battle as the Empire with State Troops involved and look at their beards.

Also take note that I tested this issue with all mods turned off, because if I enable any mods that affect the empire, then the Empire state troops either have their heads disappear or their beards become metallic in color.
Khazukan Kazakit-ha!

"In the centuries I have been the High King, our enemies have thought us weak, cowards hiding in the deepest, darkest places. Heh, fools! Every wrong is recorded. Every slight against us, page after page, etched in blood! Clan Gurnisson! Karak Eight-Peaks! Josef Bugman! The Urks must pay, Let them come..."

"One wrong put right, yet the Great Book of Grudges...remains full..."

- High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer.

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