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Spartan Hoplites

Elmer_FuddElmer_Fudd Registered Users Posts: 1
Hello. Can you build Spartan hoplites if you are the Brutii? I have Sparta maxed out with scriptorium and urban barrracks but they wont show up in the recruit menu. Are Greeks the only ones allowed to build Spartan hoplites?


  • ModernCaeser0272ModernCaeser0272 Registered Users Posts: 1
    Rome does not have access to Hoplite/Pike infantry unless you are hiring mercenaries from Greek or Carthaginian originally owned territories.

    I would recommend making use of baristas and scorpians when being Greek or Carthagian Pikes, Hoplites, or Elephants !

    Your legions will more or less take out Gauls/barbarians
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