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Faction Specific Lord/Hero Traits: Lizardmen

SubjectEighteenSubjectEighteen Registered Users Posts: 600
Dear CA,

This is a humble request from a great lover the cold-blooded murder monsters that you please add to or re-do the Lord/Hero traits for the Lizardmen, the new Slann Lord traits being excluded from this discussion.

Currently, the Scaly-boys only have 3 unique Lord/Hero traits for Red Crested Skink Chiefs, Saurus Old-Blood's and now Ancient Kroxigors.

They are:

Pompous: Reduces enemy leadership by -4 (local region) *This one is actually quite good. No touch up needed.*

: +15% to defend against hostile agent actions *I don't think this is ever useful, but maybe I'm wrong and other people like it a lot. I never take this one because I never have issues with hostile agents gimping my Lords.*

Humble: +2 Hero recruit rank (local region) *I can see how this would be useful but the Lizardmen already have a fairly significant number of rank recruit bonuses so it's rather unnecessary.

In contrast, other factions like the Empire have +public order, +income or factions like the high elves massively buff their own units or economy (they use influence for this sooooo I'll let this slide.) But, other factions have way more unique traits, again looking at the damned high elves, than the Lizardmen do.

I only bring this up because they've just gotten two DLC's in the span of a few months but nothing was added or tweaked here. It would be awesome if someone could take a look at it. I'm sure the Lizards won't be receiving any new content for a long time so this would be a nice way to *wrap them up* a bit more before putting them on the proverbial shelf.

*OH and do something about the Geomantic web maybe? I don't know what, but something.*

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