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AI building priorities.

LyciaPintellaLyciaPintella Registered Users Posts: 22
I love the time period and the play style of Thrones of Britannia, but my main issue is that the AI does not select the proper buildings to make in a province. As a result, they end up with lower income and fewer governer traits than a player would with the same territory by a significant amount.

In hundreds of hours played, for instance, I have seen a market town optimized for income by the AI only once. If at all possible and if any other updates ever come out, please consider giving the AI templates on how to build each province. I wouldn't mind some changes from the standard here and there for variety, but for the most part there is an optimal way to build each province that will vastly improve a faction's ability to wage war.

I'm currently playing Three Kingdoms where the AI is a bit better on selecting buildings, but I would totally come back to Thrones for a campaign every now and then if this were updated.

Is there someone who could maybe pass this by the Player Experience Manager? I'd appreciate it if possible.
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