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Crashing to Desktop

Lucian13Lucian13 Registered Users Posts: 2
So I can see I'm not the only one with this problem. I thought maybe it was just something with Mortal Empires but it does it in Vortex as well. What happens is when I click the start battle button it'll crash to the desktop. It'll let me deploy my units get them set up but soon as I click start battle it's back to the desktop. Then other times I can do the battle with no problems but once it's over & I click end battle it crashes to desktop. & now it's crashing to desktop randomly on the world map. I've no mods nor have I ever had any installed my vid drivers are up to date. I've verified my files a few times I even did I fresh install hoping that would fix it.

Was running fine till I DLed the Hunter & beast update.

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