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Late game campaign map stutter issue

nbnw25nbnw25 Registered Users Posts: 2

First of all, absolutely love Thrones of Britannia. It's a really great game, and it's a shame to see that it's been under appreciated. I'm still hoping CA will surprise us with a 1066 dlc!

Anyway, onto the issue: towards the late game, the campaign map stutters every few seconds. This gets worse the more of the map is uncovered. I've found that pressing K to remove the UI fixes the issue, but naturally it's tedious to play without the UI on.

Battles still run perfectly, and this only starts to appear towards the late game. Any tips or help would be much appreciated!

Specs: 1060 GTX, 16GB RAM, ToB is installed on my SSD, NVIDIA drivers all up to date.


  • Melqart_Melqart_ Registered Users Posts: 5
    Any update on when this rhythmic stutter on the campaign map gets fixed? It really kills the campaign experience. Battles are fine for me with no lag but the campaign is just horrible.

    It's completely ridiculous to have to press K to hide the UI in order to enjoy a lagfree campaign.

    A faint stutter can already be noticed in the beginning of the campaign in the same rhythm as the stutter later on. But the later the campaign gets, the more apparent the stutter becomes. The rhythm of the stutter stays the same throughout.

    Using latest drivers, SSD etc. same as everyone else who ever reported this issue. Tried Windowed mode, V-Sync on and off, tweaked around with Nvidia Control panel, processor affinities but the issue remains. Completely lagfree play without UI, massive stutter with UI on.

    Doesn't matter what the graphics settings ingame or outside are set on ToB, the stutter will persist. I was rhythmically stuttering on the campaign map even when I limited the fps to 30 (as some people suggested).

    I recently bought the game so can still get a refund, but would prefer not to.
  • TeryonKhanTeryonKhan Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited May 2020
    Seeing this as well now. Not sure exactly when in started, but seeing the rhythmic stuttering as well. I've tried everything I can, even in Radeon settings, with no result.

    Running an FX-8300, RX 480, 16GB of RAM and the game installed on an SSD.
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  • Druidsbrook#6139Druidsbrook#6139 Registered Users Posts: 401
    Wonder if anyone had luck fixing this. Love the game but the stutter drags the late game down.

    I have the same problem with warhammer 1 but every total war before and after are fine including Attila its quite strange.
  • realorestismanrealorestisman Registered Users Posts: 2
    I have exctly the same problem and I can find the solution nowhere. Has anyone solved it?
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