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Nakai vassal diplomcy problems

JargesJarges Registered Users Posts: 6
So, Ive played about 4 different campaigns with nakai(2 vortex and 2 ME), and the only problem with it is vassal taking part in diplomacy.
I'll try to explain.
I have +90 and nonagression pact with Lothren. But suddenly they declare war on my vassal, even tho they did absolutely nothing, and now Im forced to fight Lothren.
I had nonagression with Mazdamundi, and he declared war on my vassal, even tho, once again, he did nothing at all.
The only thing that was common between those 2 cases is that my vassal and aggressor faction was neighbours.
And there is more examples like that.

My suggestion.
Can you guys make it so that AI whould disregard my vassal in terms of diplomacy, and instead they whould do diplomacy with me. So that if they want to retake lands that are occupied by Defenders of the Great Plan, they whould need to declare war not on them, but on me.
Maybe that will fix the part where Im dragged in war with my allies who attack my vassal just because they dont like them.
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  • PretenderPretender Registered Users Posts: 30
    I will undersign this. A nitpick as well; the Defenders of the Great Plan can have an aversion to Great Power for Nakai's Horde, which seems completely counter to the purpose of the faction. In general, I think that the Defenders need another look at their mechanics, since the main thread seems to be that they're not really adding much to the experience of Nakai after they've been founded.

    I also want to pinpoint this, before a developer gets this wrong; I don't think it's a bad thing if Nakai has to baby-sit the diplomacy between different lizardmen factions. That makes sense to me. But the Defenders of the Great Plan are already basically a placeholder for Nakai, so it seems odd that they would be treated different from him.
  • Forista#7907Forista#7907 Registered Users Posts: 154
    After Chaos was vanished in ME, Bretonia (and EVERYONE in the map have military alliance cause Chaos) declared war on my Vassal and then I do de same on Bretonia.

    BUT I have defensive alliance with the Empire and the Dwarfs... and both of this, cause they are comrands of Bretonia, join war against my vassal and I can't fight them If I wouldn't ruin my diplomacy. Pretty bad economy so I need to defend 1/3 part of the map with 2 hordes being, of course, a traitor.

    If I need to fight everyone, this needs at least one of those;

    -Far better money incoming

    -Far better diplomacy manage (this is my favorite Total War but oh man I miss that 3K diplomacy)
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