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[BUG] Quest to kill a hunter as Nakai got aborted in Vortex Campaign

JargesJarges Registered Users Posts: 6
If Huntsmarshal Expedition's army with a hunter(that you have not yet killed) in it got defeted by AI, mission to kill him gets aborted and you can safely stop playing that campaign. No matter what you do after it you wont get any progress. I even destroyed their entire faction and nothing happened, victory is unachivable at that point.
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  • JargesJarges Registered Users Posts: 6
    My suggestion whould be: Make those armies that contain hunters at the start of the game, passive armies, like the ones that hold books of nagash for tombkings. So that ai whouldnt randomly kill them. And after you defeat them, Huntsmarshal Expedition could recruit them and use as normal heroes.
    Or just make it so that quest could not be abbandoned even if another AI kill those hunters.
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