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Game crashing to desktop in large battles?

DeputypoopypantsDeputypoopypants Registered Users Posts: 8
Hi all, so as said during large battles, usually in the middle of a lot of spell casting and unit collision, my game will hang up for a few seconds, then quit to desktop, no error message or anything.

I just updated my PC, I figured it was happening on my old on since it was quite underspec, but I just got a new Acer Helio 300, GTX1660 Ti, Core i7-9750, thing should run the game at ultra without a skip which it does until except for this problem? No lagging or difficulties leading up to the crash, just the quick freeze then poof.

I can even get through some really big battles, but it seems to happen when they're more prolonged, either taking out multiple large reinforcements or running on half speed for awhile.

Thanks for any advice!

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