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Which is Better for next fantasy?

jamreal18jamreal18 Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 8,982
edited September 2019 in Total War General Chat
Game of Thrones - the playable are the Houses.
-requires similar animations since they all have the same skeleton

Lord of the Rings - the playable are the Races.
-requires unique animations for each race since the have different animations BUT CA has foundation for their animation already

What do you think?
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  • Infinite_MawInfinite_Maw Registered Users Posts: 1,531
    Well I sort of guess game of thrones. Sort of none though.

    Look I will try and summarise the big issues we need to consider
    1. There must be a lot of faction diversity, and I mean real faction diversity. Like skaven and bretonnia, or Dwarfs and Vampire Coast differences like levels of diversity.
    2. There has to be a lot of these factions.
    3. One of the most underlooked points, the world must be in a state of constant war, and everyone has a reason to want to kill each other. LoTR has a focus on the "quest", Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 was deliberately designed for carnage and mayhem. It has a focus on given peasents some spears instead of farm tools, and forcing them onto the battlefield.
    You know what would make a good total war, Total War Grim Dawn. Yes it is an indy game, but it matches all the above criterion and it is pretty dark too. Not to mention being from a small ip holder, CA have way way way more flexibility to invent any units they want, let alone any new units like cavalry that the creators of Grim Dawn want to introduce and invent themselves.


  • TD2013TD2013 Registered Users Posts: 42
    A fantasy setting of CA's own IP.

    This avoids alot of lawyers needing to be payed to handle rights and all that to be honest. There is a reason why Bioware went to make the Dragon Age games instead of making more D&D games. This also gives much more creative freedom to the artists and creators, instead of being "stuck" in needing to make x y z according to a template that's allready been designed.

    This also prefents licence shenanigans of a game not being available on a storepage which happens regurarily with licenced games (say nwn2 not being for sale on steam for years now) due to licences not being renewed and then (parts?) of the game being sold to seperate parties who then need to be contacted to pay a lawyer to make these parts available again... and just ugh.. NWN2's situation is such a bloody mess =/

    Therefore.. go make your own fantasy IP =) Licenced fantasy settings are such a nightmare waiting to happen.
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