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Warhammer 2 and DLC giveaway soon!

SpectorSpector Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 776
Hello my fellow generals!

My name is Peter and I run the Perafilozof YT channel. Because in a few days I will hit 1,000,000 video views on my channel I invited the developers and publishers, of games that I do most videos about on my channel and which get the most views, to my 1,000,000 video views celebration. I got a response from Creative Assembly PR already. And I am still waiting on a response from Paradox PR and Maxis(EA). I can tell your already to expect game and DLC giveaways as the developers of Total War where generous!

It would give me great pleasure if you could join me for this celebration on my channel and take your part in the Giveaway that will be made there. https://www.youtube.com/user/perafilozof

See you on the battlefield!

Playing Total War since the original Shogun
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