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Fix priority number 1! Foot lords fix in future Festag update.

Deep_echo_soundDeep_echo_sound Posts: 447Registered Users
C.A. need to react and fix this once and for all.
James High - associate community manager at "creative assembly".

We now have a Player Experience Manager on the team whose life’s work it is to scrutinise every channel out there which players use to express their feedback and desire for change. This gets compiled, weighted and prioritised, then goes directly to the designers who figure it into future updates. We hope you’ll already have a sense of how that effort has translated into fixes.

I hope you in C.A. will see this feedback and it will translate into fix.
Let the legendary characters in "total war warhammer" games to be represented in game combat behavior as actual fantasy legendary characters.
With animation reaction consistency for all foot and mounted characters.
All lords and heroes in the game must not have horrible knockdown animations. Mounted characters already got rid of them. Please, update all foot characters as well.
If we are talking about priorities - this must be priority number 1.
Let the heroes of legends be real heroes of legends in the game. And not behave worse than dogs like they are now, by very weird and wrong for fantasy game, game design.
This must be priority number 1 in future Festag update.

CA_Duck knows what it is all about.
And my exact proposes for fixing.

1. Absolute knockdown immunity for all lords and heroes.
2. Unobstructed attack range on retaliations for all lords and heroes.
3. Some speed and other tweaks.
C.A. can contact me anytime.

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