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ANNOUNCEMENT*unofficial*! Update to Chaos

DiamondToBronze#5734DiamondToBronze#5734 Registered Users Posts: 43
INTRO: CA seems to be updating warhammer 1 factions. Empire got some new units but not wizard lords, which should have the priority for the update and orks are next in line for an update DLC. Being a long time chaos player I decided to write down some ideas that will bring spiky boys to the modern warhammer multiplayer standards.


Melee lord - First of all should have armor piercing damage on all mounts. There are very few lords without AP now in the game and they all are not that good. Second, the dragon mount should be at at least 100 gold cheaper. The idea behind the nameless melee lord is that he should be a CHEAP(er) fighter alternative to Archaon or Sarthoreal, but he can that alternative on a dragon only. Which makes him cost more than 2500 gold. So what's the point? As far as this lord's stats go he just AP and to have a cheaper base cost and a cheaper dragon mount.

Melee lord has two interesting unique items. And both need reworks. Filth mace - first of all it needs to recharge at all times, not just in combat. And have a 30 meter radios, so it buffs a few nearby units with +25% melee damage. Pendant of Slaneesh - right now it give an excelent +44 melee attack and a useless +25% speed. I think the speed buff should be replaced with a +22% damage resistance and have the ability to be cast on another single unit. Also needs to recharge at any time not just in combat.

My idea is that the melee lord fills a niche that other lords do not. That is he can buff other units. Without these changes melee lord has no place in the chaos army AT ALL.

Sarthoreal and archaon - with the release of WH2 we've seen a lot of lords and heroes with spells from multiple lores of magic. I think both of these legendary lords should be designed in a similar fashion. We already have caster lords and heroes with fire and metal lores, so why does chaos need two legendary lords with the same spells?

Sarthoreal could have one or two spells from the lore of beats. Like manticore summon or impenetrable pelt, and Archaon could have some spells from the lore of shadows. Like enfeebling foe, make him a duelist monster. Don't take my suggestion for spells as final. I'm just saying that lords with mixed magic lores are very powerful and chaos needs to have lords like that.

Sigvald - I think Sigval just needs mounts. He is supposed to be and anti-infantry lord but without any mounts he gets stuck in any blob and you can no longer reposition him. I think all the mounts that other heroes and lords have should be available to Sigvald, plus a chariot (maybe even the gore beast chariot) as a mount shoudl be available to maximize Sigi's anti-infantry role.

Caster Lords - IMHO chaos caster lords are great, except not, because any combination of kholek with a caster hero or Sarthoreal is always better, all thought caster lords by themselves are fairly competitive. So a price reduction across the board would be really good and a price reduction of the dragon mount to should make the caster lords much more competitive.

The only lore I would add is the lore of beasts, because of it's buffes and AOE spells. And have a lore of beasts lord and caster hero.


Casters - I think casters are fine as is. Except that why do you need them if you can bring Sarthoreal with his excellent lore of metal? So the base price should be decreased so that when you bring a caster hero with? lets say Sigvald or the generic lord, you can save money on your leadership and go for a larger army without limiting yourself to Sarthy as a cheap caster.

And as I suggested a caster hero with the lore of beast should be added.

Exalted hero - The heroe CA hated since warhammer 1 days :/ CA WHY WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? The original Exalted cripple should be updated with Guardian ability and armour piercing damage. I dont think he needs anti large, because chaos has some of the best anti large units in the game, but lack of AP really torpedoes this hero. The base price should be lowered by 50g to. Before the latest DLC the only niche exalted invalid had was to put him on the manticore and fly him around trying to snipe weaker heroes or bombing archers and artillery with him. Not that the manticore is more expensive it makes no sense to buy him because he is too expensive even in the limited niche he had before.

(!) Exalted hero (follower of tzeentch) - I think it would be fun to have a hybrid hero character who specializes in fighting but has access to some minor spells. Think of chaos version of swordmaster of hoeth (but not terrible because this guy will have mounts).


I dont think chaos has that many problems with the unit roster, but there a few issues that need to be addressed.

1 - If your frontline gets broken but SEM what do you do (besides rushing in Kholek)? Right now chaos doesnt have a dedicated mobile unit that can be used to hold of SEM rushe. I suggest that Gorebeast chariots should be reworked for this task. By giving them more mass for extra mobility and anti-large damage (and removing AP) these guys can be used to counter attack charging monsters. And because the are chariots without AP they dont overlap in functionality with shaggoths, while being cheaper they can be used to plug holes in your formation when necessary. As it is gorebeasts have zero use in the current line up of chaos units.

2 - How do you take out artillery and acher hordes without punching through the front line? I think that forsaken should have vanguard deployment so that you can attack enemy from the rear. This way you get more options to deal with a hard counter to chaos as a whole and CA doesnt need to add new units! And Forsaken get a nice reason to return to meta after they have smacked with nerfes for completely surpassing chaos warriors in the role of the main front line unit.

That's it for now.

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  • yst#1879yst#1879 Registered Users Posts: 10,000
    Dont worry, they getting their well deserved chaos status on war 3
    Top #3 Leaderboard on Warhammer Totalwar.
  • Sarmatianns#6760Sarmatianns#6760 Registered Users Posts: 4,928
    Indeed, outside a few outliers, Chaos units and characters are quite decent.

    The problem is more of a limitation of the roster itself. You can buff exalted hero, or chaos lord, it will still be more or less the same.

    Chaos needs new units to cover gaps, and I doubt we will see complete Chaos before game 3.
  • OrkLadsOrkLads Registered Users Posts: 1,875
    Interesting ideas from outside the box. Chaos probably won't get a huge amount of attention until TWW3, so we will likely have to wait until then.
  • c0rvusc0rvus Registered Users Posts: 209
    Chances are we might or might not get an updated chaos roster before game 3 release, that all depending the sort of assets CA currently (or in time) they have that can put together. My guess would be they already have something and they could be in process of making the next installment for some time now.

    Some people might disagree but I think it makes no sense they don't touch anything chaos had at all, though they could just save them for latter or for another DLC since that will probably be in CA's best interest from a business point of view.
  • WitchbladeWitchblade Registered Users Posts: 1,007
    Is your thread title pure clickbait or is there actually news they're going to update chaos? I'd think they'd wait until game 3 with this when they introduce Demons of Chaos and Chaos Dwarfs, where we may see Sarthoreal and the Hellcannon switch faction and Warriors get a lot of new stuff to compensate. Just my guess though.
  • sonofabhorashsonofabhorash Registered Users Posts: 221
    Nice clickbait indeed
    Chaos lord on the dragon buffed up before the charging some SEM is pretty deadly actually
    What i dont like is the hellcanons value return.its aim sucks , reload or explosion rádius should be buffed
    All what chaos can do is rush or be skirmish toxic...
  • griffithx#1314griffithx#1314 Registered Users Posts: 1,518
    "Right now chaos doesnt have a dedicated mobile unit that can be used to hold of SEM rushe"

    Isn't that supposed to be dragon ogres role though?
  • HSK#4606HSK#4606 Registered Users Posts: 4,473
    yst said:

    Dont worry, they getting their well deserved chaos status on war 3

    Exactly, this saved me of sleepless nights.
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