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Kemmler and the Empire Changes

AntermosiphAntermosiph Registered Users Posts: 2
edited September 2019 in Balancing Discussions
So I recently decided to play Kemmler again with the new DLC and discovered that as a side effect of the empire changes Kemmler's start has somehow been made even more difficult of a hurdle.

For those who haven't played him, his province is currently split (and afaik one of the only one like it) between two mountain ranges to the point he has to go around marianburg to finish his starting province. Before this was reasonably possible, you'd rush down the brettonian province and then fight your way through marianburg after they defeated the orcs.

This however, doesn't work anymore because now there is a giant fort in the way. To finish his capital province (with his very important landmark) he has to somehow fight through a heavily garrisoned fort, then get past marianburg, declare war on the empire in the process (Which leads to dealing with brettonia, wood elves, dwarves, marianburg, and the empire simultaneously usually), or simply ignore his starting capital and focus on other provinces that start at T1.

I'm not sure if it's an oversight, or intended, but it would be nice if the two mountain ranges were made into separate provinces, and the one region full of orcs is just made a 1 region province.
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