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How to win battles instantly | Advanced battle tutorial #1

SpectorSpector Senior MemberBelgradeRegistered Users Posts: 814
edited September 2019 in Community Content
This video will show you how to instantly win land battle in TW Three Kingdoms in singleplayer against very hard AI and multiplayer vs other players. You will learn how to rout entire enemy armies faster then you can say: "Shameful display!" The tactic that you will see here is all about making coordinated cavalry charges into the backs of enemy front line units. But not by going out to flanks but by storming the front lines through holes made by strategically placing and using your own front line infantry units. To pull off this tactic you will need to know everything my three Basic Battle tutorials have to teach you. You can find them on this playlist.

This battle was against the AI on the very hard difficulty settings/level. But the tactic can work in multiplayer as well. If you want to see more tricks and tips how to win battles vs the AI on very hard you can watch the linked play list.

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