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Laggy financials and governor system buggy or impossible to understand.

benohanlonbenohanlon Registered Users Posts: 1
[HELP] Throne of Britannia late game. Almost got the ultimate victory but switching governors have banjaxed my finances and now I'm super stuck because the governor/estate system sucks monkey balls.

OK. I'm playing Gwined and in the late game - close to an ultimate victory. For some bloody reason, I absent-mindedly tried switching a few governors around. I was in 2K in the green and now suddenly 8K in the red. I love the game but managing governers late-game is giving me a HUGE headache right now.

Here's what I've worked out...

opening the treasury forces a refresh of finances, so looks like the display is buggy or delayed but accurate if force a refresh

I can sort the regions by unhappiness (corruption) and how much money is coming in

trying putting my top tier 'scribes' (I got one with 4/5 with 10 governance) into the provinces with the most income, then most income BUT also unhappy... didn't make much of a diff

suspected unhappy provinces need governance to combat corruption but no good

I have considered putting all the governors into top provinces and then 'end turn' because maybe it takes a certain amount of time for a governer to settle in? But don't want to do this unless I know for sure because it's leg and I lose my ultimate vic.
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