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Your Main Problems With TWWH

Ephraim_DaltonEphraim_Dalton Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 24,549
edited September 2019 in General Discussion
Since the thread about this topic by a certain someone was closed due to taking a nosedive into creepsville, let's try again. Name the aspects of TWWH you have the most problems with.

Mine are:

1.Campaign pacing. You win campaigns long before the victory conditions are actually met because of a rapid snowballing effect. Once you own a certain number of regions, you find yourself in an endless positive feedback loop where your rate of expansion and military might grow exponentially. That's usual when 9 out of 10 players end the campaign because by then the game becomes pretty boring as any risk and challenge have long left the building by that point

2.High Mass Balancing. The game's lopsidedly balanced in favor of high mass units (large monsters, chariots, etc.). They counter more units than counter them (and most of their counters are other high-mass units to boot) and that's mostly down to not having to suffer the downsides of high mass, equally high inertia (that means a lot of them are too agile and have too high a rate of acceleration and deceleration). This means the whole meta in battles revolves entirely around what races have access to which high mass units and what counters they have to such, peaking in the ridiculous bandaid of Dwarfs getting a mighty slowing rune because they have otherwise no means to protect themselves from high mass abuse



  • WaaaghCheifWaaaghCheif Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,184
    1.) The balancing of Multiplayer affecting Campaign.

    2.) Rarely patches outside of DLC releases.

    3.) Lack of thought provoking building options in cities.

    4.) Lack of Empire Management.

    5.) Lack of overall stuff to do on the campaign map, move from point a to b, conquer, recruit repeat.

    6.) Gate Bugs, Unit dropping orders. Ranged Infantry or Artillery moving instead of attacking despite no obstruction of terrain or units. Bugs that's been there since the beginning.

    7.) RoRs now being abled to be spammed in MP with unit caps ON, they should only be limited to one even with caps.

    8.) Armies explicitly needing to be clicked on sea to embark on sea rather than going shortcut. (I guess this was done to Autoresolve at sea, but now we have Island Battles, please make the shortest distance a priority.)
  • Xenos7Xenos7 Registered Users Posts: 5,655
    Basically, missing units and races. The mechanics are fine for me, I just miss content.
  • TsuyaraTsuyara Registered Users Posts: 244
    Lord/Hero Balance wackiness: Everyone must have AP now. Also certain legendary items being meh (in campaign), i.e. ghal maraz. Or the rune axe of Grombrindal, which just gets replaced by a crafted one (+13 AP, really?).
    Lack of unit variety in campaign: Lower tier units just get abandoned

    More generally with the series, which isn't going to change: Lackluster diplomacy. I think it'd be great if it were more fleshed out, i.e. if you occupy ancestral territory (Reikland for the empire), you can give it back or keep it, causing the appropriate reaction from the original owner.
  • SubjectEighteenSubjectEighteen Registered Users Posts: 516
    At the moment, my biggest gripe is ME end turn times. I know it's old news, but since the Hunter and the Beast released the end turn times seem to have gotten significantly worse for me.

    I would like to see something done about the viability of certain factions in auto resolve too. I don't like playing as the Skaven, but I do love to kill the little buggers. As is, they are far too weak, and don't function as Skaven should in my opinion where they just send endless waves of crap at you. Attacking a Skaven stronghold should see the attacker outnumbered 5 to 1 or something. Just loads of chaff to kill. Basically, AI Skaven need a boost.
  • KrocodileKrew212KrocodileKrew212 Registered Users Posts: 79
    edited September 2019
    That was annoying for sure. Almost as annoying as my opinions getting no mention due to said creeper. Ah, well. I'll just bring 'em here too.

    1. Lack of Ogres. I can hardly believe it's probably going to be more than a year before they get to be playable. Basically every campaign I play for now is just marking time until they arrive. Sooooo slow.

    2. Greenskin campaign mechanics. A race designed to be the fun comic relief faction should not be so frustrating and unpleasant to play as. They're designed for a fast-moving, high risk-high reward playstyle, but the game's campaign mechanics can't keep up with them and sooner or later it warps into insurpassable risk-no reward. They need a major campaign overhaul, starting with casuality recovery and building costs. Plus more generic characters and at least one Legendary Hero.

    3. The Empire retool has major design flaws that somehow slipped through. I really hope CA addresses them. Domino effects that can derail your entire campaign should not be left up to a roll of the dice.

    4. Every single Karak Eight Peaks faction is Hard Mode to play as. And there seems to be literally nothing I can do to fix that. Just want to see what it's like to have the unique building chain, but no. It's all buried under Dark Souls-level "You must be THIS much of a masochist to play" challenge.
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    Team Ogre Kingdoms

    "We threatened to grind their bones up to make bread if they didn't pay. Course that's just a threat - it takes too long to grind 'em and most of this lot are just as 'appy to eat'em raw." -- Olag Skullcracker, Ogre Tyrant
  • SteelRoninSteelRonin Junior Member ChileRegistered Users Posts: 837
    edited September 2019
    1.- The game not telling me I didn't move an agent, after finishing my turn, the agent moves almost nothing (waste).

    2.- No Blood for the Blood God patch applied to Monster and Cavalry, only blood, not limbs losing..

    3.- Bad flying units animations
  • theedge634theedge634 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,786

    1.- The game not telling me I didn't move an agent, after finishing my turn, the agent moves almost nothing (waste).

    2.- No Blood for the Blood God patch applied to Monster and Cavalry, only blood, not limbs losing..

    3.- Bad flying units animations

    Yea... some units just look dumb when flying. Dragons are a pretty bad offender here. Small gripe for sure, but it can be kind of noticeable.
  • ChesterMcGirrChesterMcGirr Registered Users Posts: 714
    edited September 2019
    Copy pasting my points from the thread that shall not be named

    1. Sieges in general; bad siege AI; bad maps, no room to manoeuvre as attacker or defender.
    2. Units standing staring at walls in siege battles when given an attack order to climb walls
    3. Magical gate opening shenanigans by the defenders during sieges
    4. Units attacking the gate magically animating THROUGH the gate (looking at you minotaurs)
    5. Units dropping attack orders when 1 random member of a fleeing unit who is MILES away from the rest of his retreating unit walks by
    6. Not giving players Boris and Red Duke as starting LLs STILL
  • Vanilla_GorillaVanilla_Gorilla Registered Users Posts: 19,633
    Supply lines.

    Don't care about the rest, just please get rid of that mechanic.
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  • KrocodileKrew212KrocodileKrew212 Registered Users Posts: 79

    Supply lines.

    Don't care about the rest, just please get rid of that mechanic.

    At the very least get rid of it for Greenskins. They're the guys who should have the least problems with multiple armies and decentralized government surely?
    Team Ogre Kingdoms

    "We threatened to grind their bones up to make bread if they didn't pay. Course that's just a threat - it takes too long to grind 'em and most of this lot are just as 'appy to eat'em raw." -- Olag Skullcracker, Ogre Tyrant
  • ReeksReeks Registered Users Posts: 3,002
    Ca is seemingly unwilling to spend the resources it requires to release polished products and that shows still to some degree in the game today (was very glaring at launch) and they let major immersive breaking bugs run rampant for months and months and months(some even years!) walking artillery/gate bug to name a few existing examples.

    Sieges are bad bad bad, mirror layouts and the fact that some parts of the walls and certain structures is impervious to artillery fire is immersion breaking in a big way.

    Siege AI is horrendous, it´s incapable of dealing with even the very basic siege layouts so my wish is that CA just made multi layered sieges as it matters little if the AI bugs out in a basic siege or in a complex one(or better yet scrap sieges if you can´t get them to work, they are a giant chore to deal with in this game in their current form).

    Roster incompleteness: I want ALL the goodies from the lore, i care little if that means roles will overlap

    The optimization in this game a baaad, game becomes laggy very fast, End turn times are horrendous to deal with in the long run.....Same with loading screens.

    If these things were to get sorted the game would be damn close to perfection.
  • KotovskyKotovsky Member Registered Users Posts: 213
    Dense forest maps are annoying to death.
  • Lin_HuichiLin_Huichi Registered Users Posts: 439
    My biggest problem is probably sieges. They are too one dimensional.

    Number 1 isn't a problem and I havent noticed an issue with number 2 either.
  • gildagriffongildagriffon Registered Users Posts: 395
    i got only 2 problems

    1) we need even more competitive and Strong Ai.

    2) End Turn Times.
  • marvidmarvid Registered Users Posts: 49
    I can only declare my solidarity with all the aforementioned points. I want to add the 'not-healing' of agents if they are not in an army. I find it annoying and not logical that agents HAVE to be in an army to recover hitpoints, it just doesn't make sense. Same goes for disbanded Lords not healing while being disbanded.
  • KrocodileKrew212KrocodileKrew212 Registered Users Posts: 79
    Oh, and another thing I thought of: Confederation is a hot mess. You have to pay through the nose for it, you can wind up locking yourself out of it if you accept or offer the wrong treaties, it's obnoxiously hard to make the other faction say yes to it, and when they do, you get rubbish penalties to your diplomacy scores and public order that require a mod to fix. Can you believe they built a lot of Bretonnia's tech tree and campaign mechanics around it in spite of that?
    Team Ogre Kingdoms

    "We threatened to grind their bones up to make bread if they didn't pay. Course that's just a threat - it takes too long to grind 'em and most of this lot are just as 'appy to eat'em raw." -- Olag Skullcracker, Ogre Tyrant
  • grimnir79grimnir79 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 42
    My main problem with TWW is that it gobles up all of my time.
  • Aram_theheadAram_thehead Registered Users Posts: 1,003
    1. Bugs (siege gate, artillery walking, units stopping in front of walls)
    2. turn times
    3. AI (why does it always put ranged units in front and charge cav into halberds?)
    4. battle maps are getting smaller with every update. I can't even deploy the army the way I want, because the deployment zone is very small. In some quest battles there's no deployment phase at all, the battle starts right away.
    5. Mortal Empires map: Oceans are too small and the new world is stretched and compressed. It looks like somebody dragged a picture on microsoft paint.
    6. DLC pace and the fact that patches come alongside DLCs.
    7. other small things that I can't remember right now.
  • TennisgolfbollTennisgolfboll Registered Users Posts: 8,946
    edited September 2019
    1. Lack of new races.
    2. Victory conditions are bad.
    3. Resistances need a cap at 70%
    4. AI needs fixes in sieges
    5. Foot lords need knockdown resist
    6. Rework of units and economy to fix doomstacking
    7. Bug fixing

    In its current state the game is one of the best games ever made. Truly a masterpiece.
    It needs to be pointed out that what people call "cheese" is just playing the game the way it actually exists not in some fictional way they think it is supposed to work.
  • John_KimbleJohn_Kimble Registered Users Posts: 589
    - The ME cuts to Lustria and Southlands.
    - GEneric and extremely grindy Victory conditions of ME
    - lack of mid to end-game scripted events and global threats in ME
    - the extreme sandbox nature of ME. I personally prefer at least a basic narrative (tied into victory conditions). Bring back TK, VPirates, and Hunter and Beast final battles and objectives to ME honestly.

    Content-wise i can't really say much, since i don't know whats in store for us and how much they have planned.

    I have faith that, come game 3, turn times will have been worked upon.
  • JadawinKhanidiJadawinKhanidi Registered Users Posts: 1,174
    edited September 2019
    Campaign AI
    Shallow diplomacy
    Mechanics/balance cater too much to casuals/permanoobs
    Vortex campaign bad, ME map too large and unwieldy

    But despite the fact that I could list a hundred things that bother me, this only matters so much because the game is mostly so very good, and there is nothing else like it on the market. If it was simply mediocre or bad and a generic game, I'd just not care and move on to some other game.
  • MasariusMasarius Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 951

    1.- The game not telling me I didn't move an agent, after finishing my turn, the agent moves almost nothing (waste).

    2.- No Blood for the Blood God patch applied to Monster and Cavalry, only blood, not limbs losing..

    3.- Bad flying units animations

    I don't understand your 1.

    The game actually tells you when you didn't move your agent?


    My main problems:

    - Update some of the old lords

    - Further improvements on AI (people reporting better recruitment which is a good thing)

    - Update old races (in progress)

    - Sieges a bit bigger, not by much, just 1 or 2 additional sides

    - Battle AI improvements

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  • Jman5Jman5 Registered Users Posts: 561
    edited September 2019
    Balancing and improving the experience for factions that take a more multi-stack versus doomstack approach to their game

    Under this umbrella includes a number of changes:

    1. Improving the Reinforcement system. Allow players to just place 40 units on the map at the start.
    2. Remove Lightning strike
    3. Some sort of Battle Value balance mechanic when very large armies clash.
    4. Larger maps.
    5. Removing Supply Lines for factions where it makes sense (skaven and undead races)
    6. 0 turn recruitment for chaff units in races where it makes sense (skavenslaves, zombies, skeletons, peasant militia, etc)
    7. Allow players to set rally points around the map where routed units can regroup. (makes it easier for the player to find them)
    8. Allow players to temporarily merge low-strength units together on the battlefield to make it easier to manage large armies.
    9. Rebalance Replenishment rates to better fit faction lore and unit strength. Low tier chaff units should have very high replenishment rate. High tier rare monsters should have very low.
  • Nico_NINico_NI Registered Users Posts: 203
    - Doomstacking
    - No elite units caps (there is a finite number of those units in the lore, that is why they are "elite")
  • AmonkhetAmonkhet Registered Users Posts: 2,438
    -So far, looking like we're not going to go into the deepest parts of lore, and may be sticking to just the safest options that being White Dwarf and Army Books, over some really cool campainbooks, supplements, and citadel journals.
  • SteelRoninSteelRonin Junior Member ChileRegistered Users Posts: 837
    Masarius said:

    1.- The game not telling me I didn't move an agent, after finishing my turn, the agent moves almost nothing (waste).

    2.- No Blood for the Blood God patch applied to Monster and Cavalry, only blood, not limbs losing..

    3.- Bad flying units animations

    I don't understand your 1.

    The game actually tells you when you didn't move your agent?


    When you want to move your agent to a certain destination, far away from 1 turn, the movement direction is marked as a big arrow, with different colours according the movement for each turn, correct?....

    The game does not tell that you didn't move that character manually because you set the movement as automatic for each turn........and there is a moment your agent moves almost nothing when you ended the turn because of that automatic movement (turn wasted)........yes, you can say it is my fault for not remembering my agent movement, but I believe the game should still tell me that I didn't move the character manually..
  • hendo1592hendo1592 Registered Users Posts: 1,694
    -Battle balance: I know everyone has their preference but I don’t like the 5min battle time. I would love an alternate battle settings that would lead to longer battles or some of the lab settings to make it to the general graphic settings. Either options would be great as long as CA accounted for regen units.

    Sieges: wish they were more multilayered. The fort battles are a step towards the right direction.
  • t1taant1taan Registered Users Posts: 39
    I hate the lack of Army/Faction customizability. If I could have one wish it would be to have an Army Painter like Relic had for Dawn of War that would allow us to create our own faction/subfaction/minor faction.

    We should have the ability to create our own factions, choose a starting location of one of the minor factions and then begin our story within ME.

  • PoorManatee6197PoorManatee6197 Registered Users Posts: 683
    1- Trade. Why your capital needs to be connected with the faction you want to trade with and why if your capital is sieged all your trade routes are cancelled? It makes no sense and is REALLY annoying.

    2- Technology research that only give bonus. What do i mean with this? That technologies dont do anything, just stat changes. A lot of people wont agree but i prefer the thech tree of empire, where you actually unlock things like buildings and unit habilities bya research.

    3- A recruitmen system that encourages spaming the 2 or 3 best units and makes the majority of the roster useless in mid/late game and also breaks inmersion.

    4- Pachs only being released with DLC. Seriously, who was the genius that suggested this? 5 months to see the bugs fixed and even when it happens it doesn't matter because DLC allways comes with new bugs that, again, won't be solved in another 5 months.

    5- Sieges.

    6- The fact that a lot of units, characters and races will never be in the game.

    7- Lack of musician, standarbearer and champion for the units
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  • Cortes31Cortes31 Registered Users Posts: 1,039
    Same as in other thread:

    Everything that goes against adding more minor races
    Turn times too long
    That so much is cut off from Southlands, Lustria and Naggaroth in ME
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    Everythime a faction/race is excluded from the trilogy, these games become smaller. RIP Araby and others.
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