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[Suggestions] Effective Optimization for TTW2

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- Back up all your original files before applying these methods -

1. preferences.script.txt

Path: %appdata%/The Creative Assembly/Warhammer2/scripts

First of all, you`d better set the game option,
Bc when the game`s launched, the file`s also changed to default.
So, set the game option first, and then edit this file,
the next, change the property of this file, read-only.

gfx_video_memory 7516192768; # gfx_video_memory , Override available video memory (bytes) #
Type your available GPU Mem in bytes.
Windows also use some memory from gpu, and
if you use a few internet browser,
subtract about 500MB~1GB
Ex:) 7GB->7*1024*1024*1024=7516192768 bytes

explicit_thread_affinity true; # explicit_thread_affinity, Enable thread affinity #
It`s more helpful, true

gfx_direct_resource_access true; # gfx_direct_resource_access , Enable Direct Resource Access #
It`s more helpful, true

gfx_hdr false; # gfx_hdr , Use high dynamic range rendering pipeline #
gfx_hdr 0; # gfx_hdr , Set high dynamic range rendering quality #
For performance, false or 0

gfx_shadermodel 4; # gfx_shadermodel , Set shader model, 0-SM3LQ, 1-SM3, 2-SM4, 3=SM4.1, 4=SM5 #
gfx_shadermodel 3; # gfx_shadermodel , Set shader model, 0-SM3, 1-SM4, 2=SM4.1, 3=SM5 #
Set your shader model version of GPU.
If your GPU supports on, but with a poor performance, it could be more worse,
so try to set this option to be match for you.
I set just to SM5.

gfx_god_rays true; # gfx_god_rays , Enable god rays #
It may be helpful, but I didn`t set on TTW2.

gfx_fade_near_units true; # gfx_fade_near_units , Enable fading of units near the camera #
As the description, for performance you`d better set, true
I did it.

proximity_fading true; # proximity_fading , When enabled, entities will automatically fade out as get close to them rather than clipping with camera. #
This is the option from TTW2.
I did it.

gfx_hide_dead_bodies true; # gfx_hide_dead_bodies , Enable hiding of dead bodies on the battlefield #
I didn`t apply on TTW2, but it may be helpful

gfx_cloud_shadows true; # gfx_cloud_shadows , Enable cloud shadows #
If you turn off this option, set to false. But I didn`t set on TTW2.

gfx_hide_foliage true; # gfx_hide_foliage , Hide foliage around the camera #
As the description, for performance you`d better set, true.
I didn`t apply it.

gfx_aa 1; # gfx_aa , Set antialiasing, 0-no, 1 = FXAA #
FXAA, it consumes very little of resources.

gfx_device_type 1; # gfx_device_type , Set device type, 0-D3D11 1-D3D11, 2-GL3 3-D3D12 #
gfx_device_type 1; # gfx_device_type , Set device type, 0-D3D9, 1-D3D11, 2-GL3 #
gfx_enable_directx11 true; # gfx_enable_directx11 , Enable DirectX 11 rendering #
This game fits dx11 more than dx12.

gfx_ssao false; # gfx_ssao , Enable Screen Space Ambient Occlusion buffer #
gfx_screen_space_shadows false; # gfx_screen_space_shadows , Enable screen space shadows #
gfx_screen_space_reflections false; # gfx_screen_space_reflections , Enable Screen Space Reflections. #
gfx_screen_space_reflections 0; # gfx_screen_space_reflections , Enable Screen Space Reflections, 0 - off, 3 - max quality #
SSAO options, for performance, try to set to 0 or false

gfx_hardware_shadows false; # gfx_hardware_shadows , Enable hardware shadows #
If you use this option, it may occur some lags considerably,
so I recommend to set, false.

gfx_alpha_blend 2; # gfx_alpha_blend , Set the alpha blending quality, 0 - alpha test, 1 - standard OIT, 2 - Intel accelerated AOIT #
When I set to 2, the frame boosted up to 5~10 at least,
But I assume it relys on your performance.

ui_leaf_clipping 2; # ui_leaf_clipping , If true, will hide nearby leaves to make fighting in forests more user friendly (0 is off, 1 is just clip on hold space, 2 is locked on all the time) #
I set to 2.

automanage_regions true; # automanage_regions , Let the AI manage taxes etc in players regions #
This option isn`t in the game option.
If you want it, set to true.

multithreaded_model_enabled true; # multithreaded_model_enabled , Run the battle model on a separate thread #
Multithreading function, true.

sound_channels 256; # sound_channels , Number of sound channels. Fewer channels means fewer sounds but faster performance. #
More lower value, more performance.
I set to 256

audio_quality 0; # audio_quality , 0 = high(default), 1 = medium, 2 = low #
Make your choice, I set to 0

bink_use_thread true; # bink_use_thread , tells bink to use asynchronous update, increased performance on some systems, decreased on others. (default = true) #
It may be more nice to set, true.
I set to true.

number_of_threads 8; # number_of_threads , Set the number of threads <= 0 - automatic, >0 = explicit number #
Type the threads of your cpu.

number_of_threads_for_campaign_pathfinder_cache 8; # number_of_threads_for_campaign_pathfinder_cache , Set the number of threads to be used for the campaign pathfinder cache. This is independent from and additional to the number_of_threads. = 0 - explicit number #
Default is -32, but I set to 8, threads of my cpu.
Actually Idk of a proper value at this option.
I assume it would be helpful for the turn time.

entity_display_blob_shadow_enable false
I`ve heard if you use it, all shadows not to set in the game option will be removed.
But I didn`t use it.

My txt file is attached.

2. Culling and scissoring

I`d touched about some Unreal engine games,
but this game engine is developed as their own engine, as you know,
and Idk of coding or programming.

So, I tried to find out what I could,
I found the command about culling in the shaders folder,
and I changed to CULL_MODE_CCW only from CULL_MODE_NONE

And the second, I found the command, 'scissor',
So I tried to change some files,
in the name of ssao, shadow, ambient, fog(blur only), light(except gamma),
to scissor_enable>1 from scissor_enable>0

It may be very rough, but it`s stable now, IMO.

Edited files are below.

Path: your TTW2/data


- Link:

The files are the latest version (v1.7.1 Build 11765.1750977) for now.
So, if it`s patched for future, extract from the 'shaders' folder of uploaded with pack file manager,
and paste to the new files.

+ i7 6700K 4.4GHz, mem 16GB, RX 480 8GB, HDD, Win10 1607
+ If you apply the txt file and change 3 files, it may boot your fps up about 10~15fps,
and the game response velocity more faster, very smooth than before.
+ First loading time takes some time, but it`s still more better than not to be applied,
if you restart a campaign or load the save files, It`s been more faster since the 2nd loading time.
+ The 1st loading time took about 2 min and 35 sec,
2nd loading time took about 25 sec for me(HDD) at the mortal cam restarted.
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  • blaatblaat Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 3,150
    can you please put the preferences thing in a spoiler?

    since right now you post is painful to look at


    It's much easier and more fun to get engrossed in lore that takes itself seriously and tries to make sense within its own frame of reference.

    the reason I prefer LOTR over warhammer fantasy and 40k

    I am dutch so if you like to have a talk in dutch shoot me a PM :)
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  • shiningtgshiningtg Registered Users Posts: 3
    blaat said:

    can you please put the preferences thing in a spoiler?

    since right now you post is painful to look at

    Yeah, I deleted the phrases and attached as a file.
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